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Different 1.5l NSE engine for the MG ZS SUV

It looks like the MG ZS has a modified DVVT version of the 1.5l NSE N/A engine which could explain the increase of the power output to 90KW/120PS:

The engine is officially known as the NSE 1.5L PLUS+

Interestingly this doesn't follow the same naming convention as the 1.0l turbo which is called the 16T or the SGE 1.5l Turbo or the LGE 2.0l Turbo which are called 20T and 30T respectively.

Source URL:


Compare this with the VTi engine currently in the MG3 with 78KW (106BHP):

1.5l N/A engine in the Chinese MG5 with 80KW (107BHP)

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A review of the ZS SUV with the 1.5L NSE PLUS+ engine installed

Smooth performance good test MG ZS 1.5L automatic transmission
2017 年 20 月 20 日 20:00 Source: Car House Type: Original Editor: Luo rain

1 Appearance Interior design simple review

SA brand recently launched the MG ZS this small SUV, before my colleagues on its appearance of the interior design concept ( article link ), the chassis structure ( article link ) and its carrying fresh Technology to experience , from their experience after the feedback point of view this is a design from the configuration to make people shines bright models. Not only that, we also equipped with three-cylinder engine 1.0T models were tested . And today, we bring to everyone should be the future rookie ZS family more powerful sales with the power, 1.5L +4 ST models of the test. Although in today's year, see the words "4AT" may be a bit garish, but after two days of contact with it, its smooth performance is really satisfactory.

● Appearance / Interior Description:

As a new model just listed, we still have a brief look at the car's appearance and interior shape. Based on SAIC SSA platform to build the appearance of the MG ZS with a lot of fashion elements embellishment, watching people memorable. Its shape design can attract people's attention, which is enough to become the basis for the success of this car.

The design of the front face is the car out of the color of the place, MG ZS shield grille with a sense of hierarchy in the network looked very delicate look. Came to the side, it is equipped with 17-inch tires, two-color five-spoke style wheel also has a good degree of sophistication, the overall gives the feeling of fashionable atmosphere.

Body size, the MG / ZS long / wide / high, respectively: 4314/1809 / 1648mm, with a 2585mm wheelbase. This body size in the small SUV market is still relatively competitive, and its main competitors such as Harvard H2s / H2 or BYD / modern ix25 compared to the MG ZS body size is also in the upper level.

◆ interior design main simple

Interior, the MG ZS uses a relatively simple design style, the central part of the console for the soft part of the soft plastic material, has a good touch. In addition, with a leather multi-function steering wheel and 8-inch touch screen also allows the car's interior looks enough to have a sense of grade.

The car in the control of the entertainment system is worth mentioning that it is the same as the Roewe RX5 with the Internet car intelligent system, not only to support Ali's online payment in Chengdu has begun pilot in the gas station through the license plate to identify the direct refueling costs, the future car Will be more convenient. And traffic costs such as map navigation, software upgrades, remote control, road rescue, voice services, etc., do not pay for life. Air conditioning system is used in a relatively traditional manual air conditioning, hands-on operation is not difficult.

Leather-wrapped seats feel more soft, wrapped good. The rear seat has three-point seat belts with all the positions, but no head restraints in the middle position. Although the rear seat width is relatively narrow, ride two people will be more comfortable, but if equipped with a head restraint on the middle of the passengers will be more comprehensive safety care.

MGS ZL 1.5L with high profile models with panoramic sunroof (1.0L two models standard), it is learned that this skylight size and Roewe RX5 on the use of panoramic sunroof at a level, large size. It is worth mentioning that the rosary of the trunk of the ZS has two height can be adjusted, more flexible storage methods. In addition, the manufacturers to buy 1.5L manual / automatic luxury version of the two models of the first 30,000 consumers presented panoramic sunroof configuration, preferential efforts or quite big.

2 Dynamic driving experience

● dynamic test drive feel

The car is used in the Atkinson cycle engine, the advantages of this engine is the engine thermal efficiency is higher, simply is more fuel-efficient, Mazda's Chi-blue technology engine on the use of a similar technology. However, this engine and the current common conventional power engine compared to the short board is not too low twist, so often with the motor composed of a hybrid system. And in front of this MG ZS and not with the motor, so its low-torn performance in the end how, let us more than a curiosity.

In fact, from the daily use point of view, it is in the low-speed congestion state of the ride will be better than double-clutch gearbox. The shortcomings are also very obvious, that is the number of gears, high speed engine speed will be relatively high. In accordance with past experience to see the performance of fuel consumption naturally will not have 6AT, 7DCT, etc. to the outstanding. Therefore, the ride comfort, fuel consumption will be part of our test session, the key considerations.

Atkinson cycle engine is fuel-efficient rather than stressed the power output, so the car in the initial stage of the dynamic performance is not the same with the displacement of Japanese models more light. Power output gives the feeling of comparison is linear and calm, so it is easy to find the right driving rhythm in the urban area. On the whole, its power in the city with the performance is expected and in line with expectations. I want to say "enough", perhaps many people will feel very "routine", but the test drive feeling is so. Although its power can not provide driving passion, but whether it is frequent start with the car or lodging overtaking will not feel particularly procrastination, in short, is enough to carry on.

The gearbox is this part of the car I feel focused on talking. First of all, "4AT" is certainly less than the number of gears, but its shift logic, ride comfort and shift speed is really very good, this part of the performance is higher than we expected. More importantly, with today's market, "meat and potatoes" - dual-clutch gearbox, this traditional automatic transmission in the urban areas, especially the traffic conditions under the more pleasing. With the car is very easy, there will not be any frustration jitter.

And this configuration also eliminates the need for many coupe models to adapt to the speed of the vehicle shift process, so the combination of the vast majority of the time the target customers will be used in urban areas rather than high-speed cruise or driving Of the driving conditions considerations, the advantages of traditional automatic transmission may be able to be more fully play.

Then say that driving speed, intuitive From the data it seems that the daily driving speed of the car is indeed some high, 120km / h cruising speed of 3200 or so (ordinary 1.6L +6 AT small car about 2600 rpm). High speed on the one hand is the number of transmission gear limit, on the other hand with the car using the Atkinson cycle engine, in order to take care of its maximum power and torque output interval is relatively biased behind the characteristics of the last resort practice. SAIC engineers said, between the characteristics of the engine, Atkinson cycle engine is more focused on the "fuel efficiency", so even if the facelift 6AT gearbox, high-speed cruise engine speed down test effect is limited. Of course, there is certainly another game and balance between the effect and the cost.

Steering, the use of electric steering to help the MG ZS in addition to the lowest with models are equipped with three steering wheel steering feel set to choose from. Lightly set the steering wheel under the steering force of a finger can bear the standard set under the required steering force is not large, so I am more accustomed to use it to calm the set. Overall, the intensity of the three options is more gradual, is a very interesting little details.

MG JS suspension with the former McPherson, rear torsion beam configuration options. Rear torsion beam type of non-independent suspension can be set aside relative to the independent suspension of the car more space, in the small size of small SUV models, this is a very common suspension design. Dynamic driving this suspension for the crushing of the broken up pretty good, the overall texture in the same price models in the upper level.

3 Performance and fuel consumption test

● Performance and fuel consumption testing

◆ 0-100km / h accelerated test

Measured 0-100km / h acceleration score of 12.83 seconds, this result is not dazzling, but with 1.0T +6 AT powered by the MG ZS 16T models to accelerate the results are very close. Gearbox in the second gear will be able to complete 0-100km / h acceleration, but also limited by the gearbox second gear ratio adjustment, it is 60km / h after the acceleration momentum has slowed.

◆ 100-0km / h brake test

The car's braking distance from the data to see within the qualified level, the overall performance is beyond some of its competitors. Although the full brake before and after the suspension of some of the lack of support, but the final 40 meters or less of the brake results or pay a more satisfactory answer.

◆ fuel consumption test

Measured fuel consumption comparison
Models / projects MG ZS 1.5L 4AT MG ZS 1.0T 6AT Changan CS15 5DCT Wing wing 1.5L 6DCT
Automotive home measured fuel consumption 7.1L / 100km 7L / 100km 8L / 100km 8.36L / 100km
Ministry of Industry fuel consumption 6.3L / 100km 5.9L / 100km - 6.5L / 100km

Our fuel consumption test a total of 136.6 kilometers, driving computer display speed 30km / h, a total consumption of 92 fuel 9.67 liters. The final calculation of the car to 100 km about 7.1L / 100km, and driving computer 7L / 100km table showed fuel consumption is not very different, driving computer fuel consumption data can be more accurate as a daily traffic fuel consumption reference. It is worth mentioning that the MG ZS 1.5L automatic models of fuel consumption than most of our tests have been small automatic SUV are low, even lower than the same level of manual transmission models, its fuel economy performance is indeed commendable, This part of the credit should be a lot of thanks for the aircraft it is equipped with Atkinson cycle engine.

Edit Comment:

After two days of contact, MG ZS1.5L automatic car models left me a good impression. First or cliche appearance of the interior, their design looks like a sense of design and grade. This is the beginning of the article as mentioned at the beginning, with a beautiful appearance can win more Yan Yan asked the target customers. Configuration it with the Internet car intelligent system, from Alibaba's Internet operating system to meet your "room and board travel purchase entertainment" and other needs, with the car is also more comfortable and convenient.

Then talk about its power and test drive feel, the car carrying 1.5L Atkinson cycle engine in the power performance is not prominent, but its ride comfort and fuel economy performance is indeed very bright. Equipped with four gears after the automatic transmission of the measured fuel consumption of 7.1L / 100km, this data has gone beyond a lot of the same level of manual block competitors. Although the gearbox is limited, but the victory in the smooth performance is very good, especially the city congestion section open more than a lot of dual-clutch models more comfortable. As for the performance of the chassis, it is also considered its positioning and price expectations. In general, the MG ZS 1.5L automatic car models is not a driving pleasure to the car, but it is easy to get started, driving feelings are good and affinity type. At the same time supplemented by a good appearance and gimmick full configuration, I think its market performance is still quite worth the wait. (Text / map / photo car home Luo rain)

>> see static picture is not fun? My colleague also carried out a video test drive on this car, point to see moving more fun! <<

Source URL:


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They need to get that engine into the MG3.
The ZS does sound like a good car.
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Will sell about 50 in the UK and probably to GS or MG6 owners.

There shall then be a picture of one being sold by Apple or Summit to a 75 year old with no teeth.

It's like someone described a MK1 CX-5 to a SAIC employee on the phone and sketched it him on a postIT note.
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Originally Posted by Jay13 PNTHR View Post
Will sell about 50 in the UK and probably to GS or MG6 owners.

There shall then be a picture of one being sold by Apple or Summit to a 75 year old with no teeth.

It's like someone described a MK1 CX-5 to a SAIC employee on the phone and sketched it him on a postIT note.
Have you had the chance to drive one of the U.K prototypes yet?

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