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MG ZS 1.0l turbo 16T SUV review

Google translation of MG ZS 1.0l turbo 16T review:

Three rows ok? Exclusive test SAIC Jazz ZS 16T
2017 年 03 月 01 日 22:59 Source: Auto House Professional evaluation Team type: Original editor: Kong Chenxing

1 Static review

Last year's Guangzhou Auto Show, SAIC Group devote themselves to create a small SUV MG ZS debut, its new design language and the idea of ​​the main young people, so that people on the car and the MG brand has a new look The The last six months of its news constantly, a month ago, my editorial colleagues just came to SAIC, test drive the MG ZS engineering car ( article here ), its interior and exterior design remarkable, said 1.0T three-cylinder engine Performance is also satisfactory. Now the three-cylinder engine has become a trend, I have been very curious about the performance of this three-cylinder engine, shaking not shake ah, meat is not meat ah, the province does not save oil ah what. On the eve of the listing, I got the MG ZS 1.0T (official name: MG ZS 16T) production version, its decent performance test, not hurry to see.

The test of the MG ZS is 16T automatic flagship Internet version, as the whole line of the top models, its appearance is naturally the most beautiful line. MG ZS itself looks enough young fashion, this top with the models are also equipped with a dot matrix grille and sports style before the surround, visual effects further.

Last year, SAIC changed the way the naming of the displacement, 2017 MG Rui Teng has changed the name of the 1.5T model "20T", Roewe new car also uses "20T", "30T" to distinguish the displacement, which is some Buick similar. This MG ZS tail is 16T, on behalf of its equipped with a 1.0T three-cylinder turbocharged engine, when the red fried chicken Roewe i6 will have 16T models in the future.

On the static part of the car, we have before the new car diagram has been introduced, not repeat them here, the article in this: "Interior material with a solid map that Jazz ZS 16T God of War" ; MG ZS this interconnection system we have more Detailed experience, are interested can see this: "open the unmanned aerial machine to play self-timer experience MG ZS intelligent interconnection" , the following we get down to the driving and testing part.

2 Driving experience

● Powertrain:

Several engine parameters contrast
Models Engine type Maximum power Maximum torque
MG ZS 16T 1.0T L3 125 horsepower 170 Nm
Ford wing stroke EcoBoost125 1.0T L3 125 horsepower 170 Nm
Honda Civic 180TURBO 1.0T L3 125 horsepower 173 cattle rice
Honda wise 1.5L L4 131 horsepower 155 cattle rice
Modern ix25 1.6L L4 125 horsepower 151 cattle rice

This 1.0T engine developed by SAIC and GM, will also be used for Roewe and other models. Compared with some of the joint venture brand 1.0T engine, this engine in the parameters did not fall on the wind, slightly stronger than the mainstream 1.5L-1.6L naturally aspirated engine.

Matching with this engine is a 6AT gearbox, is the third generation of love letter products. Dual-clutch gearbox because of its low-speed frustration and poor reliability and other characteristics, and now seems not very popular, MG did not use the dual-clutch, but with a 6AT, which is quite likable, is a practical choice.

● driving experience:

Small-displacement three-cylinder engine on the market more and more people are most worried about nothing more than three points: shake does not shake, meat is not meat, the province is not fuel. These three points can be said that a direct decision will not buy a three-cylinder car, then we say one by one.

The first question: do not shake?

Idle state, the MG ZS this three-cylinder engine vibration control was also good, only from the dashboard and steering wheel touch, the feeling does not come out more shaking, throttle pedal jitter is not large. And compared to ordinary four-cylinder car, the seat of the jitter will be some obvious, sitting can feel the body is also followed slightly shaking, but very small.

Just when the throttle, the engine roar and vibration compared to the four-cylinder engine are slightly larger, but only that look, after running up the sound and vibration will be reduced, which is the characteristics of the three-cylinder engine.

When the vehicle decelerates to the time it is about to stop, it will notice significant jitter, and jitter will disappear after stabilization. It is reported that even after hanging in the D block, the gearbox will cut off the connection with the engine, of course, this is a design to suppress the jitter, this time if you pay attention to the tachometer, you will see this change.

In general, the three-cylinder car jitter control was pretty good, completely within the acceptable range .

The second question: meat is not meat?

It started quite briskly, the throttle texture of some similar to the Japanese small car, sensitive and linear, it is easy to get started. The engine's low torsion enough, 60km / h below, the power performance than the same level of 1.5L-1.6L naturally aspirated engine to be better , normal acceleration, overtaking no problem, completely enough.

More than 90km / h, can feel some weakness in power , overtaking has become so comfortable, then its performance may be slightly inferior to the 1.5L-1.6L naturally aspirated engine. My understanding is that this engine is low-speed adjustment of the engine, but also to take care of the daily urban traffic.

MG ZS steering wheel, whether it is shape, grip or pointing to the accuracy is very good, and it can be three gear adjustment, namely: light, standard, calm. Light mode, the steering wheel is really very light, even if the female, one hand is not effortlessly turned; transferred to the "calm" mode, the steering wheel has changed significantly, but this change is not like light and heavy changes, I But also think that the feedback is smaller, or more sticky.

This rogue ZS is equipped with love letter of the third generation 6AT gearbox, its technology is mature, smoothness is guaranteed, power transmission is also more direct, the basic feeling of daily driving the impact of the shift. The lack of place is that it slow down the slow speed, deep step on the throttle, the total reaction, the car will be washed out. However, this level, I think the gearbox can be smooth on it, the shift speed is icing on the cake.

MG series of rear suspension are used torque beam structure, suspension adjustment partial comfort, for the small bumps can be effectively filtered, the chassis is not loose, the extra vibration is not much. But there must be gains and losses, which is sacrificing the support of the suspension as the premise, it is too long when the cornering, nod and the rise of the phenomenon is also more obvious.

3 Performance test section

● Accelerated testing:

The start-up speed of the MG will be up to 2600rpm, and the turbo has begun to intervene, so it has a good start and a short skid in the front wheel. It is a block of two blocks are quite awkward, but on the third gear obviously feel a little weak, the final 12.73 seconds of the results in the expected, but compared to the previous colleagues tested the engineering car 11.94 seconds to slow some. In addition to the adjustment may be slightly different, this car is still a mileage of only 80km, just out of the library of new cars, without running and the new tires may also be the result of its discrepancies. This accelerated performance and the market mainstream 1.5L-1.6L small SUV at the same level, or satisfactory.

● Brake test:

The initial braking force is slightly weaker, the middle and rear sections have been strengthened, but the magnitude is not large, the overall braking force is relatively uniform and stable. Ibid, perhaps the reason for the new tires, the test results of the brakes have a certain degree of decline, the final results of 42.78 meters in general, there is obviously room for improvement.

● Fuel consumption test:

Continue in front of the third question: the province does not save oil?

Before the test MG ZS, I have this 1.0T three-cylinder engine performance has been understood, the daily driving and accelerated test performance have a certain psychological expectations, so this test, it is not save the province I am most concerned about The The fuel consumption test includes congestion, loop and short-range high-speed, a total of about 105km, the average speed of 31km / h. Taking into account the status of its new factory, the final 7.0L / 100km fuel consumption performance is worthy of recognition, than the show was 7.5L / 100km even lower.

● Summary:

It is jitter, but it is within the acceptable range of jitter; it is not meat, dynamic performance is satisfactory, no problem with daily use; its fuel consumption performance is not a color, but also can not say. Test drive and test results from the point of view, to do these, MG 6 ZS performance is still very good. This three-cylinder ok? I feel okay.

MG ZS with its good value, remarkable performance, with a wealth of configuration and stylish Internet system, competitive and impressive. But it will face the listing of Chinese brands and joint venture brand double attack, it can stand out? I think the price will be the basis for all this decision. MG will be listed on March 4, 8-12 million of the pre-sale price has been released, we can see when the manufacturers can give some surprise it (Text / figure car home Kong Chenxing photo Kong Chenxing Zhu God)

● Related links:

4 Related vehicle configuration
Model picture
Basic parameters MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Vendor guidance price 11.58 million
Manufacturers SAIC
level Small SUV
engine 1.0T 125 horsepower L3
Gearbox 6 hand-in-hand
Long * wide * high (mm) 4314 * 1809 * 1648
Body structure 5 door 5 SUV
Maximum speed (km / h) -
Official 0-100km / h acceleration (s) -
Measured 0-100km / h Acceleration (s) -
Measured 100-0km / h Brake (m) -
Measured fuel consumption (L / 100km) -
Ministry of Industry and comprehensive fuel consumption (L / 100km) 5.9
Measured ground clearance (mm) -
Vehicle warranty Three years or 100,000 kilometers
Body MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Length (mm) 4314
Width (mm) 1809
Height (mm) 1648
Wheelbase (mm) 2585
Front track (mm) -
Rear track (mm) -
Minimum ground clearance (mm) -
Quality of preparation (kg) 1290
Body structure SUV
Number of doors 5
Number of seats (s) 5
Fuel tank capacity (L) 48
Luggage compartment volume (L) -
engine MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
engine model -
Displacement (mL) -
Displacement (L) 1.0
Air intake form Turbocharged
Cylinder arrangement L
Number of cylinders (pcs) 3
Number of valves per cylinder (pcs) 4
Compression ratio -
Air Supply DOHC
Bore (mm) -
Travel (mm) -
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 125
Maximum power (kW) 92
Maximum power speed (rpm) -
Maximum torque (N m) 170
Maximum torque speed (rpm) -
Engine unique technology -
Fuel form gasoline
Fuel label 92
Oil supply Direct injection
Cylinder head material aluminum
Cylinder material unknown
Environmental standards Country V
Gearbox MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Referred to 6 hand-in-hand
The number of gears 6
Gearbox type Automatic gearbox (AT)
Chassis steering MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Drive mode Front predecessor
Front suspension type McPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension type Variable cross - section torsion beam type non - independent suspension
Power type Electric power
Body structure Bearing type
Wheel brake MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Front brake type Ventilation disc type
Rear brake type Disc type
Parking brake type Handbrake
Front tire specifications 215/50 R17
Rear tire specifications 215/50 R17
Spare tire specifications Non-full size

Safety equipment MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Master / copilot seat airbag Main ● / Vice ●
Front / rear side airbags Before ● / after -
Front / rear head airbag (air curtain) Before ● / after
Knee airbag -
Tire pressure monitoring device ●
Zero tire pressure to continue driving -
Seat belt is not prompted ●
ISOFIX child seat interface ●
Engine electronic anti-theft ●
Parking lock in the car ●
remote key ●
Keyless start system ●
Keyless entry system -
Control configuration MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
ABS anti-lock ●
Braking force distribution (EBD / CBC, etc.) ●
Brake Assist (EBA / BAS / BA, etc.) ●
Traction control (ASR / TCS / TRC, etc.) ●
Body stability control (ESC / ESP / DSC, etc.) ●
Uphill support ●
Automatic parking -
Steep slope slow down -
Variable suspension -
Air suspension -
Variable steering ratio -
Front axle limited slip differential / differential lock -
Central differential lock function -
Rear axle slip slip / differential lock -
External configuration MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Electric sunroof ●
Panoramic skylight ●
Sports appearance kit ●
Aluminum alloy wheels ●
Electric door -
Sliding door -
Electric trunk -
Induction trunk -
Roof racks ●
Internal configuration MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Leather steering wheel ●
Steering wheel adjustment Up and down regulation
Steering wheel electric adjustment -
Multifunction steering wheel ●
Steering wheel shift -
Steering wheel heating -
Steering wheel memory -
Cruise ●
Front / rear parking radar Before - / after
Reversing video images ●
Driving computer display ●
Full LCD dashboard -
HUD header display -
Seat configuration MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Seat material Leather / fabric mix (optional leather)
Sports style seats -
Seat height adjustment ●
Waist support adjustment -
Shoulder support adjustment -
Main / front passenger seat electric adjustment -
Second row backrest angle adjustment -
The second row of seats moves -
Rear seat electric adjustment -
Electric seat memory -
Front / rear seat heating -
Front / rear seat ventilation -
Front / rear seat massage -
Third row of seats -
Rear seat tipped down The ratio down
Front / rear central armrest Before ● / after -
Rear cup holder -
Multimedia configuration MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
GPS navigation system ●
Positioning interactive services -
Center console color big screen ●
Bluetooth / car phone ●
Car TV -
Rear LCD screen -
220V / 230V power supply -
External audio interface USB
CD supports MP3 / WMA -
Multimedia system -
Speaker brand -
Number of speakers 6-7 speakers
Lighting configuration MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Low beam lights halogen
High beam halogen
Daytime running lights ●
Adaptive far and near light -
Automatic headlights ●
Steering assist light -
Turn headlights -
Front fog lights -
Headlamp height adjustable ●
Headlight cleaning device -
Interior lights -
Glass / rearview mirror MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Front / rear power windows Before ● / after
Window anti-clip function ●
UV / Insulated glass -
Rearview mirror electric adjustment ●
Rear view mirror heating ●
Inside / outside mirrors automatically prevent glare -
Rear view mirror electric folding -
Rearview mirror memory -
Rear windshield shade -
Rear side sunshade -
Back side side of the privacy glass -
Sun visor mirror ●
After the wiper ●
Induction wipers -
Air conditioning / refrigerator MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Air conditioning control mode Manual
Rear independent air conditioning -
Rear seat outlet -
Temperature partition control -
Interior air conditioning / pollen filtration ●
Car refrigerator -
High-tech configuration MG 16S 16T automatic flagship Internet version
Automatic parking entry -
Engine start and stop technology -
And line support -
Lane departure warning system -
Active brake / active safety system -
Overall active steering system -
Night vision system -
LCD screen screen display -
Adaptive cruise -
Panoramic camera -

Source URL:


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