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So why is the new compact SUV called the ZS?

This is a Google translate of an article about the design philosophy of the new MG ZS SUV so grammar will be a bit off:

What impress 90? Analysis of SAIC Design of
2016 年 11 月 17 日 20:00 Source: Car House Type: Original edit: Chen Hai commission

Before this interview, my understanding of Shao Jingfeng is limited to April of this year's Roewe RX5 design interpretation . At that time the most impressed is not his design concept , but he talked about the product blurted out of the "Chinese brand", which is a confidence from Chinese designers. Six months later, when he stood on the podium to bring the design of the MG ZS interpretation , he once again stunned: "As a Chinese designer, I can stand here is a talk." Indeed, in most of China Brand models are dominated by foreign designers today, famous, able to site a handful of Chinese designers. Shao Jingfeng 's self - confidence is not blind, he led the design of the Roewe RX5 SUV market has become the explosion of products (monthly sales of over 20,000). Today, he devote themselves to build the MG ZS debut, this will be the SAIC Group under a paragraph of explosion products? Next, we talk about the story behind the MG ZS design.

● Create a new MG design language? First to develop a small goal

Since 2007, SAIC MG in the vast majority of market segments have their own models, and the brand in nearly a decade of time through personalized design in the minds of Chinese consumers to establish a unique image. Standing in the "next decade," the key time node, MG brand the way the future how to get? This is Shao Jingfeng and his team since 2012 has been thinking about the problem.

As SAIC Group Technology Center design director, Shao Jingfeng MG and Roewe to take into account the two brands at the same time the design work. In his view, the two brands must have a strategic distinction, if mixed together we will become very difficult, or there is a very successful, while the other vulnerable situation. On the contrary, the strategic distinction between the two brands can be developed very well.

For Shao Jingfeng, I believe there is no need to conduct too much of the introduction, just last night (November 16) we made the design once again see him. Here on a more interesting thing about him, who worked in Europe for 13 years, the designer traveled almost throughout Europe, convinced that their German culture, very deep understanding of European culture, except the UK has not been to. We asked why, he said with a smile: "Because across the English Channel, because the Schengen visa does not work.

Compared to Roewe will be targeted to solve the problem of running the market, the MG design language for the establishment of Shao Jingfeng not rush, but set a small goal: Let some designers go out to read the MG brand, the British understand the design strength , Which is the decisive factor in the rise of the brand. To this end, from the beginning of 2012, SAIC stage to send designers to experience the British study, thanks to this, the current SAIC design management team all have the background in overseas work.

SAIC design headquarters base, intended to create a design aircraft carrier, which is a necessary condition for a hundred years of car prices.Either the German auto giant, or the radiation of the global headquarters of Toyota , the base of the base is to create a design of the aircraft carrier, Decided to product development in where. "Shao Jingfeng said SAIC headquarters in Shanghai , product development is here, allowing talent to go out to learn and exchange is necessary. And now many Chinese brands overseas design, the kind of pride in his view seems very sad.

In the view of Shao Jingfeng, the first change in the design strategy is to be based on the Chinese market: "In China were the world, many foreign brands are well versed in this road." Secondly, a global vision: "We must first Let the MG design reflects the mainstream of Europe, and now the European car affects the choice of the Chinese people; Second, the car must have a profound history, we use the essence of England to demonstrate its meaning, but must be the essence, to meet the mainstream trend On the basis of proper integration into the British style.

"In the past decade, the car's mechanical properties, new processes and new materials have been the ultimate enhancement .But in the new era, the car's feelings will return .Relative design is the history of automotive the most elegant, most simple aesthetic idea , Is retro, this era will be its new interpretation, coupled with MG with a hundred years of history, the need to express the form, emotional design is closely linked to the past 100 years of automotive industry and the future. "Shao Jingfeng then talk about their own understanding of emotional design.

MG as a nearly 100-year-old car brand, SAIC design team to do is keep up with the trend, let the design become emotional elegance , refined decent. Determined not too much, not narrow, because the radical design is not suitable for mainstream aesthetic, but can not complete the ultimate goal: running volume. Eventually, Shao Jingfeng and his team identified the MG brand new design language: "emotional design."

● MG brand new design interpretation of the three characteristics: exclusive, emotional, agile

Compared to Roewe 's "rhythm design", just from the literal meaning of view, MG's "emotional design" is undoubtedly more abstract, what it represents the modeling style? Shao Jingfeng said, "emotional design," the biggest bright spot is to have a universal aesthetic and universal values, the MG is concerned, is to create acceptable to consumers, the pure European style.

Exclusive concept in the end is what? Shao Jingfeng is explained: "European mainstream car brand centuries, always have a big characteristic, that is, with a fixed and proud family of badges, very historical heritage. Exclusive concept is the history of precipitation, the European car Brand always came a feeling that the other is independent, exclusive is not the self, but an independent attitude towards life, assertive, courageous, have their own thinking in life.

"Sensibility is the combination of modern science and technology and the balance of human care, to convey a more intimate aesthetic taste, to accurately reflect the emotions." This is the future design team SAIC design the biggest emotional appeal. Secondly, the sensibility must be elegant, such as sutures may be more expensive than a leather fabric, which is a major adjustment in the design approach.. ?? .. As a result of the design of a new surface is full of emotion, can use the temperature to arouse instinctive praise; Finally, the effect is Ambilight, European brands are usually reflected in the way with light and shadow, which will be the SAIC design team in the future design of the major pursuit of the goal, the purpose is to make MG brand more emotionally.

Compared to the previously mentioned "exclusive" and "emotional", MG third generation of the new generation of design language "agile" is easy to understand more. First of all, it is part of the free ride of the vehicle; secondly, there must be smart and lightweight design, the impression of the British car is very heavy, lack of characteristics of the times, this is the design team must be resolved. Finally, "agility" represents the ductile tension, the vehicle should have a sense of power in a burst state.

I believe that through the above two parts of the introduction, we have on the MG how to build a new design language and the specific design features have a comprehensive understanding. Next we introduce MG has sensibility of the first models, it is the MG ZS

● MG ZS for whom to build? The fear of the heart after 90

MG since its inception has been a civilian car model, has always been the pursuit of the concept of civilians, it is the British national car, even with the Beetle in Germany's influence on the same. Now MG brand based on the Chinese market, so that ordinary young people have the first car in their own good car, which is SAIC design team's goal.

Shao Jingfeng the needs of young people have their own understanding: "The first car is always selected for their own." The requirements of the car they have the same level of the most handsome appearance, high-quality work materials. In addition, there is a very important point, that is, "the Internet", which is SAIC has been building these years the concept. The SAIC team's ultimate goal is to let the young people in the car to put down the phone, this is the true sense of the Internet car.

Combined with their own growth experience, Shao Jingfeng found in 90 after entering the community and the workplace, but also want to show people their steady and reliable side. He joked: "I was because it looks mature than their peers, only to make the leaders feel reliable." Therefore, the design team in creating the MG ZS and pay great attention to vehicle temperament, the whole vehicle must be like a young, courteous The gentleman. Car is the people, people are cars, this is the embodiment of the image. Well, then we immediately see the real car.

● MG ZS front part of the design interpretation

First, you can see the MG's unique front face has undergone major changes. If from 2009 onwards, it shows the image is full of passion, in the market to form a unique style and good brand impact. So now, MG brand is drawn from the history of the classic design inspiration, based on the modern treatment, in the consumer aesthetic and international trends to achieve a good balance.

The front face often determines people's first impression of a car, so the team and Shao Jingfeng in this regard can be described as under the foot hard work. Here can be seen from a detail, and many models of the market in the network with a direct design of brutal chrome different, ZS ride on the grid within the shield to give people more attention to detail. Shaojing Feng said: "mature people are concerned about the details, 90 is a very mature value of the details of their own judgments can not be used to look at the child 's eyes to see them.

MG ZS lamp design also features distinctive, headlamps from the London Eye in the Thames in the reflection, about two daytime driving lights group is sketched out a rich three-dimensional, this design will run through the MG brand Other models. Through these details, SAIC this all by the Chinese team composed of the design of the MG ZS want to give more international scope.

As the first MG to adopt a new family design language models, ZS show young and vibrant temperament, a large area of ​​the riding shield air intake grille is very sculptural, a little "small Jaguar " feeling. It is reported, ZS also provides a more vibrant style grille design for its sports version - the sky-star grille. It uses hot stamping process, highlight the dot matrix plating around the Logo, the details you can view our real shot article .

● side tribute to the proportion of European classic aesthetics / tail emphasis on sense of belonging

Design team in the body under the side of the effort is no less than the front face, Shao Jingfeng said: "The simple and full line, but the most difficult to reflect the personality characteristics, which is a major issue in car design." ZS side of the designer in the waist line Need to express two kinds of design sense: one is the power of savings, another is the release of power.

Body side of the uncompromising attention to the "agile" the best interpretation, a lot of people will use a variety of biological interpretation of dynamic, and ZS is like running leopards. Therefore, its lines are not decorated for decoration, but a conscious, clear outline of the vehicle's bones, as if leopards strong physique, so reminiscent of the dynamic gesture.

In Shao Jingfeng view, the design of running civilian cars is the most difficult, because it does not allow you to design too many lines, but also reflects the effect of large space. From the final real car effect, the design team is still a good balance of this difficulty, ZS does not undermine the vehicle under the premise of beauty, will meet the young people on the big space "demand."

ZS tail full use of the sexy surface, without the slightest excess design, so MG brand LOGO is more prominent, which is "exclusive" embodiment. It is worth mentioning that, it integrates the trunk switch function, so that the tail-shaped surface more clean. In the future, MG will have more reflect this "exclusive" sense of design.

If you have seen the Roewe RX5 and i6, you know how much emphasis on the tail of Shao Jingfeng aesthetic style, never allowed to run out of steam situation. The ZS looked from the tail, solid and solid posture, full of power, as if leopard tough strong build the buttocks. We know that emotional is the emotional drive, the design team wants to give you personalized design to bring a lot of Lenovo space.

SAIC recently launched models in taillight design are ingenuity, such as the Roewe i6 uses a "piano" taillights, reflecting the elegance and taste. ZS taillight design inspiration comes from the Big Dipper , like a lighthouse at night, while the low lamp eyebrow shape of the anger from the prestige of the air, deep and powerful.

● to young people look at the color point, different colors of different meanings

Body color, the MG ZS will provide four kinds of color for everyone to choose. The designer for each body color gives a different meaning, which electro-optical orange from the electro-optical flint-like rock scene, full of energy; speed red is undoubtedly a manifestation of passion movement; snow white show is pure; laser blue is highlighted digital The beauty of science and technology.

This summary:

When the Roewe RX5 on the month after the end of the contract, Shao Jingfeng said to his team: "You are the most Niubi." This is indeed a great team, dozens of individuals are burdened with several models of the design. From RX5, to the recent i6 and ZS, we are pleased to see their progress, is becoming more powerful. In today's interpretation of the ZS, we once again feel the pride of these craftsmen and joy.

As the first family to adopt MG's new family design language, ZS showed us the charm of "sensibility design", which achieved a good balance between the international trend language and the aesthetic habits of young people. Slightly regrettable that the manufacturers only released the appearance, and body size, drag coefficient and other related parameters are also in the confidential stage, we can not be more in-depth interpretation. I believe that in a period of time, we can feel the beauty of the other side of the ZS, that is, the United States and technology, after all, or for a young man to build the Internet model, and whether it can be like the Roewe RX as explosion models, look forward to. (Text / map / photo of the car home Chen Hai commission)

MG ZS attention far beyond our imagination, Guangzhou Motor Show on the eve of the release of the design view article reading more than 4.8 million. Although we can not say that everyone likes its design, but at least that point, that is, it has enough topics. After a lapse of one month, we once again came to Anting, this time the MG ZS finally open the door to everyone. If the appearance of a car can make people love it at first sight, then the real people like it or the intrinsic quality. On the MG ZS interior, this time we will no longer use conventional routines to interpret, but through a number of people may be more concerned about the problem, one by one to understand the original intention of ZS design.

● Unsolved puzzle: Why is it called "ZS"?

In fact, this is the interpretation of the design of the article on the interpretation of the problem, can be explained because the designer did not mention the name of the reasons, and ZS also two letters, so we will not tangled. In the just-held 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show, the official finally explained why the name "ZS".

"ZS" In fact, a good understanding of which "Z" can be understood as "this", "S" is " SUV " means. Therefore, "ZS" is this generation of young people after 90 SUV . See here, ZS positioning and target consumer groups are also very clear, and that is to be able to become the first 90 after life SUV models.

● Interior design of the sensibility reflected in where?

Each brand's design team in shaping the interior have their own different attitudes, and some will be personality in the end, and more is "not to be active but not too." SAIC design team in mind, including the ZS, including the name of the MG model design is more difficult than Roewe , 90 young people's demands have been changed, and become very fast, capture the needs of the consumer groups is not an easy Of things, but can not be on.

Sensitivity design of the three sensibilities were exclusive, emotional and agile, this is a new generation of MG design language at the core. The ZS interior is the biggest characteristic of all to the driver as the core, for consumers to create an exclusive driving space. Of course, the center console side of the main side of the driver's seat design is not new for everyone. Shao Jingfeng and his team would like to use some of the details of the design elements to highlight the ZS dynamic and unique.

90 in the end want what? This is Shao Jingfeng and his team in the design process of ZS has been thinking about the problem. In his view, the designer should first own as a consumer, and then tap their own aesthetic standards behind what. Thus, we see in the ZS body a lot of symbolic vitality and passion of the design elements , inspiration for every detail of its young life from the regular contact with things, including the next we have to mention the dashboard, steering wheel Even door handles.

We can find ZS almost every detail design has its source, in my opinion, this is very easy, but also very "dangerous." This design is like an adaptation of the true story of the film, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking, fix people will be mistaken for a documentary. For ZS, we inevitably have a bit to design and design concerns. In fact, Shao Jingfeng and his team more hope that through these detailed design details to give the ordinary mechanical pieces of different meaning, so as to awaken the perceptual awareness of young people. This is not sensational, but from the heart of the young people of sincerity and respect.

I believe we have seen on the flat-bottom steering wheel is not strange, and usually think of professional racing steering wheel. Today, many household cars are borrowed from this personalized design, the main purpose is to enhance their sense of movement. The purpose of the ZS is to focus on the practicality of this design, flat-bottom steering wheel on the application of the car to facilitate access to the driver's cockpit, an increase of the driver's knee space, even if the steering wheel down, it will not affect the flexibility of the thigh .

This particulars, if not Shao Jingfeng initiative said, I believe everyone, including me may not notice. The original ZS interior almost all corners where the use of rounded transition treatment, Shao Jingfeng that straight across the board design is too sharp, visual attack is too strong, people will look at the psychological uncomfortable, so using a slightly mild design, Is indeed a very considerate consideration.

● not the same color texture, not the same character

After talking about the details of the design inspiration ZS source, then we have to talk about the more emotional things: color. Some people may not be sensitive to color, and for some people, the interpretation of different colors with different emotions, this emotional reality can not tell Road unknown. In order to give you more choice of space, ZS offers a total of four different interior color.

ZS four kinds of interior color, the most worthy of the "Amway" and the story of course is the most abundant. Thousands of birds in the clothing we can often see, in the automotive interior application is relatively small. In fact, thousands of birds in the early grid is already a British aristocracy of love, and let thousands of birds on the fashion stage is King Eduardo, Eduardo has a touching story, for his beloved woman and give up the throne. Designers hope that through the use of this color wish all young people can have a good love.

● 90 to touch the texture after what?

In the explanation, the sentence of Shao Jingfeng is particularly profound: young people do not represent the cheap car, does not mean it will. Therefore, in the interior material selection, ZS uses a lot of soft material, want to create a comfortable and elegant after 90 driving cockpit.

There is no doubt that the appearance is the first factor to attract customers, customers can ultimately decide the desire to buy or the touch of the car components and the degree of refinement, after all, the car is the owner of the cockpit every day where the contact. In the use of materials, ZS fully embodies the sincerity of the 90, regardless of material application or the overall texture in the same level are called excellent. In recent years, the Chinese brand models in the refinement of the progress of people feel gratified. May not say more than joint venture models, at least very close.

For the seat soft and hard, the design team found that German cars are generally more rigid, sitting comfort is poor; while Japanese cars are soft enough, long-distance driving is more prone to fatigue. As a result, Shao Jingfeng and his team chose a relatively compromise program. Of course, the style is still closer to the European car style.

We all know that most manufacturers of vehicle seats are provided by the supplier , MG is no exception. So how does it guarantee comfort? Shao Jingfeng said that the supplier itself has mastered a lot of data to know which seat is more suitable for Chinese consumers, and SAIC will also provide some of the parameters of their own research, the final sample of the system in all directions.

● Why do not the door compartment storage grid design using the limit?

MG ZS a total of 18 storage compartment , the number of even more than the Roewe RX5 (16) even more. Here we do not like the conventional test article for each storage grid for physical display experience, but to find a few commonly used storage grid with Shao Jingfeng talk about why to design.

Spatial details of the deal, reflecting the ZS pragmatism. ZS has 18 storage space, the front and rear door storage compartment can accommodate multiple beverage bottles. In addition, the rear seats can be flat, expand the interior space to maximize. In addition, the user can also adjust the luggage compartment according to actual needs, to meet different storage needs.

● As an Internet SUV , why keep the physical buttons?

Today's Internet for us as fuel, become an indispensable part of life. ZS is a major highlight of the main "Internet" concept, which is equipped with multimedia systems and Roewe RX5 broadly similar, the system function is not the focus of today we want to talk. We want to know is why ZS does not use full touch screen design highlight technology, but choose to retain a large number of physical buttons.

ZS is the exclusive embodied in the 8-inch central control with the big screen, although ZS is the main concept of the Internet SUV , Shao Jingfeng and his design team that "a key to the" physical keys must exist, always by human natural reaction to flew Find it, can not simply put all the keys on the screen to complete the bin. A key are not, many people will be running around in the scene, in the process of moving, transfer menu operation is very dangerous, the individual commonly used physical keys must be taken out separately.

● Full text summary:

ZS interior design and texture than I expected a lot better, in fact, not just SAIC and Roewe , many Chinese brands in recent years have made great progress, indicating that everyone in the heart of repairer. The car is concerned, sales are the best, we can not predict ZS RX5 can achieve the kind of success, but it is certain that this is a sincere and full of products. Of course, we are still waiting for a more show sincerity of the price (listed after the Spring Festival), it is to determine the ZS can become the most critical factor in the explosion section.

If life is a song, your love is which song? According to data collected by SAIC, Roewe RX5 owners to play the most songs is Andy Lau's "Forget Love Water", do not think I'm kidding, this is true. We also hope that in a few years later, there is such a group of people, occasionally singles cycle was heard in the ZS car moved and "chicken blood." (Text / Figure car home Chen Hai Photo / Chen Hai part of the commission from the official)

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That is a lot of words, and I suspect a lot of waffle.

Some interesting design options are shown at least, particularly inside. I sincerely hope these interior finishes are available on the car when it reaches the UK rather than the limited palette we have been offered so far.

As long as the car lives up to its promise, MG will really have a truly competitive and viable car to offer. Interesting times ahead.
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I guess that they have pretty much admitted that the cars are designed in China now.

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Originally Posted by mattykan View Post
I guess that they have pretty much admitted that the cars are designed in China now.
I'm not sure if that's the case as SMTC are evidently doing something. It's more what SAIC in China will allow MG UK to market. The breadth of choice of engines, transmissions and interior themes on the MG3, MG6 and GS is far greater in other markets that is/was offered here, so I hope there is a policy change for the ZS.
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No mention of Anthony Williams-Kenny

In the past whenever a new car has been released by SAIC they would bring out Anthony Williams-Kenny but that hasn't happened for a while so I wonder what has changed?

According to LinkedIn he still works for SAIC:

Global Design Director
SAIC Motor
2005 – Present (12 years)

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I'm sure I've seen that grille and headlight combination on a Mazda CX-3.
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Originally Posted by mattykan View Post
I guess that they have pretty much admitted that the cars are designed in China now.

Thats not hard to tell do you see any other race there #keep out of the UK
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