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: MG / Rover Related Chat - up to 2005

  1. Could I buy "Morris"?
  2. MG-Rover for sale on Ebay
  3. History Repeating
  4. MGR Marketing - some analysis
  5. Failed Iranian deal - more DTI involvement
  6. St George's Day MG Rover Rally... Who's Going?
  7. Curse from China "May you live in intresting times"
  8. Pssst Keith (of AustinRover) Rover may not be dead yet....
  9. I Have Another Cunning Plan.
  10. Time to campaign against SAIC making ALL Rovers in China?
  11. As an MG rover salesman i would like to say.......
  12. WHO'S Meeting WHO??? Post here!!!!
  13. Radio 4 this morning
  14. Stitched Up Well And Truly!
  15. How To Save Rover
  16. Powertrain to get large order?
  17. Fiat to develop new MGR's?
  18. John Towers on News 24
  19. The EU need to look long and hard at MGR...
  20. SAIC, why doesn't it want MG?
  21. Would you buy a SAIC "Rover"
  22. Neighbour offerd Job back
  23. Does anyone know whats happening with new cars stuck in Longridge?
  24. Interesting story on my local news..
  25. Bloody discusting
  26. Maybe we should get a tax break?
  27. De-badge?
  28. Why did SAIC want Austin?
  29. A Towers deal makes sense.......
  30. How About High Import Duties On Chinese Cars?
  31. Xpf users
  32. MGR Warranty - to confirm the situation
  33. SAIC to build 25 and 75 in china - bbc told
  34. Towers is the man
  35. Dealer Network
  36. Piers Morgan
  37. I see SAIC are busy raising finance in London
  38. Thank you for your e-mail regarding "Have I Got News For You"
  39. Rover rescue deal 'is not dead'
  40. Eight European MG Rover subsidiaries placed in administration
  41. Steve Childs makes front page down under.
  42. If you missed the Towers phone in it will be repeated
  43. Whats happening?
  44. Rover 'was 20 minutes from deal'
  45. 'Demoralised, disillusioned, deserted'
  46. towers on the radio (Merged with Frank's thread)
  47. Is there an MG Rover charity?
  48. "After Phoenix; the Dodo inquiry" - FT article
  49. Whats happening to rover then?
  50. MG Rover to Clarkson's Rescue!
  51. As it is to the situation of MG-rover?
  52. Will the ZS,ZT,ZR come back from China?
  53. Increadible!!! Warranty in Greece goes up!!!
  54. Used car sales to re start from longbridge
  55. Glass's Values MGR
  56. TATA: the most likely suitor
  57. insurance premiums set to rise
  58. Parts Concerns....
  59. Bankruptcy - a mechanism for renewal. Cross everything then...
  60. Would you trust MG Rover again?
  61. EU money for training and COMPETITIVENESS
  62. idea! probably daft?
  63. Best alternative warranty
  64. From the Financial Times - Offers to buy MG
  65. MGR turned down deal worth 100 million pounds...
  66. Who owns the RWD platform/TF?
  67. The Times today
  68. bbc complaint J.clarkson
  69. Porsche and Volkswagen linked to MG brand
  70. Autocar and FT worth a read today!
  71. Who own's the RDx60/project Viking/ prototypes?
  72. Bring back the REAL Mini
  73. Is there a future for MG and Rover in Britain?
  74. Consumer Goods Act protects warranties
  75. car care plan warranty
  76. MG ZR Boot Badge
  77. MGR Staff in worldwide demand
  78. MGRs Top Export Markets (Before The Crash)
  79. PVH Corporate Structure
  80. This needs a FOCAL point and soon- who will?
  81. Did the medium car exist?
  82. John Moulton Perhaps?
  83. New Mini A Rover 200/25 underneath??
  84. Ownership of MG brand
  85. Kevin Howe receives redundancy notice !
  86. phoenix muswell
  87. Are there any Rover V8s in the dealer system?
  88. Gaydon > Longbridge Rally Pics
  89. Buy British, buy MGR stickers
  90. The effect of redundancy :(
  91. MGzs problems
  92. Lost Brit brands
  93. Car Brokers
  94. Let's see those banners!!!
  95. E&S Articals 190405
  96. Ian Adcock in Swiss Car Magazine
  97. Level Playing field
  98. Phoenix dealerships into administration
  99. Phoenix Venture Motors - In Administration
  100. SAIC ownership of 25 confirmed!
  101. Parts supply
  102. John Towers "a deal can still be done"
  103. Pix of my new car....
  104. 300million investment = @ most 1p on your tax bill
  105. Buying a new Rover/MG...
  106. The P4 want to continue with MGR
  107. Many to Blame
  108. Clarkson Should Have Done a Jamie Oliver ?
  109. Dealer Network Collapsing
  110. PwC - The Sale of Assets
  111. Ban foreign car add's
  112. 1000 workers to remain???
  113. parts availability?????
  114. I have no Warrenty now so what!!
  115. news from Arnold Clark about warranty on MG cars
  116. So BMW still owns the Rover name?
  117. MGR accounts
  118. How many British owned car makers left ?
  119. Honda could do worse than pick up the pieces.
  120. This is making me very angry
  121. P4 - Does this sound like greedy men who do not care.
  122. Mg/rover Q.
  123. Who will you be getting next new car from now?
  124. Gaydon & Longbridge Photos....
  125. Will BMW get the assets??
  126. Rover Honda Years - What Happened?
  127. If MG were to survive, who would buy them?
  128. dealer news
  129. Xpart survive, but where we will get them from??
  130. What if?
  131. The Bmw Loan.......
  132. MGR dying= smug satisfaction
  133. What I would have done
  134. The Future?
  135. Are the Russians a coming?
  136. Who went to longbridge today ??? (17 April)
  137. Customer apply within
  138. St George's Day MG Rover Rally...
  139. Photos from Gaydon (plus a couple from Longbridge) 17th April 05
  140. will parts still be available
  141. Public ignorance, sigh!
  142. more job losses
  143. Enquiry Into P4 - Include This Lot Too!
  144. MG Rover owes creditors at least 1bn
  145. I know its too late but what if.......
  146. Availability of parts, your opinion.
  147. A new direction for this forum?
  148. Where we as a country go wrong
  149. Will the demise of Rover affect your vote?
  150. You've Just Bought MGR...
  151. Jeremy Clarkson
  152. BMW website under attack!!!!
  153. Follow Tony Blair Rover Workers
  154. Any Mgr Workers Please Get In Touch
  155. English MG and Rover Sites
  156. Panel of MG Rover Enthusiasts Required
  157. MG will live forever?
  158. MG Rover and it's flawed product placement
  159. Trying to cheer up!
  160. Mgr - Clarkson - My Dissapointment - Anger
  161. Government invlovement
  162. Please help me decide what to take to Longbridge
  163. How much is MGR Worth,as we could buy it!
  164. The Race for MG!
  165. Dr Who
  166. Little Britain
  167. Dealer warranty offer
  168. The MG Rover Website
  169. Mothball?
  170. And Still the BMW ar53 licking goes on...
  171. Just sent this to the DTI - agree?
  172. Saturdays gathering of Austins at Longbridge
  173. What happens to
  174. PCP 50% payments return rule
  175. Just Bought my New MG ZR+
  176. MG Services/Parts. What's the situation?
  177. Why doesn't the government bail MG Rover out??
  178. Anyone From Stoke/north Staffs Going To Gaydon/longbridge Tomorrow???
  179. I want my Car!
  180. Insurance Help!
  181. Revenge on Clarkson
  182. Govt orders inquiry
  183. Value of used MG's goes up?
  184. ACOP cars?
  185. Went down to Longbridge LAst Night
  186. Are the directors are getting away with too much!?
  187. FUJI Heavy Industries LTD
  188. Bad News
  189. Concorde-Rover, Who Next?
  190. Mg Sv
  191. What's goin gto happen with all the new and unsold MG's and Rovers??
  192. Assets
  193. View from MGR Employees
  194. Go To Studley Castle
  195. MGRs Liability
  196. MGR Spares
  197. MGRs Collapse On NZ Tele
  198. A feeling of personal grief
  199. A good future product portfolio
  200. MG GT.. whats happend?
  201. Tony Woodley blames BMW
  202. Eternal dilema...!
  203. BMW and the R30 programme
  204. What if ?
  205. Support
  206. The longterm investment potential of a rover
  207. Was I to blame for waiting for the new medium car
  208. who to blame !!!!!!!
  209. Motor Heritage Centre at Gaydon
  210. British Motor Heritage Limited
  211. Alchemy Back...?
  212. What about the consumer?
  213. Documentary on Rover's sad demise
  214. So What Now?
  215. Plan C - Dealers Unite!!
  216. Any substance
  217. ****** Alert!!!!
  218. Clarkson on 'Have I Got News For You'
  219. Project Viking
  220. Did Avtozaz take over the Polish plant?
  221. Who would run MGR
  222. Rover can carry on..?
  223. Is it over for Rover, or do PVH have a cunning plan?
  224. meeting points on m5 northbound on sunday and others
  225. Lack of Goverment Support
  226. So NOW who will you vote for?!
  227. Cars on Finance
  228. This MGR site is still up
  229. The Fat Lady is singing.....
  230. Chanel 4 Bias
  231. Titanic
  232. analysis of MGR past, present and future
  233. 20 minuets from a deal ?
  234. MG Rover is missing 11,000 cars
  235. Parts for our car's?
  236. Just a question
  237. Get Tony told
  238. phoenix dealers
  239. Radio 5 Now!!!
  240. PVH Press release:
  241. Can we still buy a 75 and 25?
  242. What will happen to RD60?
  243. What do you think?
  244. Why couldn`t the government not give MG Rover 200 million?.
  245. Has Any 2 Seen How Many Rovers R On Autotradrer!
  246. Longbridge to be mothballed
  247. Towers on news 24 now
  248. A daft idea, but it may work... perhaps in addition to plan B?...
  249. Any optimistic reasons?
  250. Should we focus on a campaign to launch Triumph sportscars?