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Account Activation Problems?

Ok, so you've signed up but you haven't received the activation email? First of all, check your spam or junk mail folders, as they do seem to have an liking for the activation emails. If you still can't find it and its been at least an hour or two since you signed up, then please create a thread in here (it'll be the only forum you can post in) containing the email address you signed up with. We will then send a test email to it to make sure its valid, if we don't get it bounced back, we'll manually activate your account for you. If you want to reply to the test email, please feel free - we then won't have to wait for a bounce back to appear before we activate it. Don't worry about posting your email address in the thread, no-one else can see your thread anyway, only you and the admin staff.
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Member Introductions

Introduce yourself

A forum for new members to say Hi and introduce yourselves! Please post any technical requests in the correct model areas below. Thanks.
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General Motoring Chat

MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat

Here you can chat about MG post 2005, SAIC or Roewe.
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MG / Rover Related Chat - up to 2005

General Chat on MG / Rover related subjects covering up to & including the collapse in 2005. Technical questions should be posted in the appropriate model section below.
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Other Motoring Chat

At, we have a healthy membership of owners that don't have an MG or Rover. In this forum, you can chat about other manufacturers products and any other motoring related issues.
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Home Page News

Mods and Admins posting only
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Motorsport Corner

General Motorsport

Chat about any aspect of motorsport, not covered by the other forums here
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Here you can chat about the premier touring car championship, the BTCC.
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Model Specific Forums

MG 3

Talk about anything driving or ownership relating to the MG 3 in here.
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MG 6

Talk about anything driving or ownership relating to the MG 6 in here.
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Talk about anything driving or ownership relating to the MG GS in here.
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ZS SUV (2017)

Talk about anything driving or ownership relating to the new 2017 MG ZS in here.
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Other MG Motor models

Talk about anything driving or ownership relating to the MG5 & GT in here
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MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise

Talk about anything ZR/25/200 & Streetwise related here.
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MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400

Talk about anything MG ZS / Rover 45 & 400 related here.
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MG ZT / Rover 75

A forum for Rover 75 & MG ZT Owners :)
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Metro / Rover 100

Any problems with Rover 100 or Metros can be posted here
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'R8' Rovers (aka Wedges!!)

This is a forum for the R8 series of Rovers (known also as Wedges), the pre bubble shape 200s (up to N plate), pre Honda Civic shape 400s (around N plate) and Rover 200 Coupes / Cabriolets and 400 Tourers.
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Rover 600

A forum for any with an interest in Rover 600s
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Rover 800

A forum for Rover 800 owners
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For any other MG / Rover model not covered by the specific forums above. If there is sufficent demand for a dedicated forum, let us know and we'll look into creating one.
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Land Rover

A forum for all Land Rover products
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Other Manufacturer models

For non MG-Rover cars not covered by the existing forums.
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Ask The Gurus! - Help and Advice Forums

Car Care & Detailing Forum

If you're obsessed with cleaning and polishing your pride and joy and take half a day to do so, this is probably the forum for you! ;)
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Car Insurance Questions

On the forums we have a number of representatives from Insurance companies, these members can offer help and advice to members.
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Diesel Forum!

Got a question about an MG / Rover Diesel engine / car? Post it here!
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How Do I - Answers To Common Problems.

Found a problem with your car? Check here first as many common issues are dealt with here. Got a solution to a common problem? Post it here!
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In-Car Audio, Entertainment, Sat Nav etc...

Here's a new forum for anything I.C.E related. (including Sat Nav, DVD stuff etc..)
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MG/R Modification & Tuning

If you want information, help or advice (perhaps all 3?) about modifying your MG or Rover, post about it here!
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Show us your Projects!

If you're currently working on a project car or a project for your car, show and tell everyone about it!
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Shopping Related Within this section you can find information on the traders who support the site and browse a list of them. Some traders will also have their own Forums within here, where you can enquire about their services / products.

Trader Support

This forum is visible to all Trader Supporters and is your area if you want to ask the site admins any Questions etc.. This forum is not visible to normal members or supporters, only Traders and members of the Mod & Admin team.
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General Trader Q&A

If you have any questions about the traders on here or you're a trader and would like to support the site, this is the section for you!
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Archived Forums

These are the old Online Shop forums which are now defunct.
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Website Related

Merchandise Shop Questions

Any questions with regards to Merchandise (stickers, caps, polo shirts etc..) can go here
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For Sale & Wanted Any For sale or Wanted ads can go here...

For Sale

Any car parts or spares you have for sale can go here. Cars for sale and non-car items should go in the appropriate sub-forum. NB Please read the disclaimer and advertising guide in this forum.
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Have you been after something for your car? Post your wants here!NB Please read the disclaimer and advertising guide in this forum
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Vendor Member Section

Chris Knott Insurance

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Vendor Deals

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Lancaster Insurance

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Sky Insurance

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Off Topic Section
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LOCAL MEETS, EVENTS and CHAT In this section are the local area & the events forums.


In this area you can quickly see which events are coming up (you can also check the calendar for this), together with directions & where & when information per event.
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Was it you!?

Spotted an MG or Rover out and about? See if it's anyone on the forums by posting it here! Please don't include all the registration, just the year and last 3 letters.
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Imported content


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  1. Hi everyone, I recently acquired my first MG, a 2002 TF. I know I’m going to need some help along the way so I might as well get a thread going. The quick back story is that my mate bought this car in January with the intention to fix it and maybe do some hillclimb lessons in it. The car found...
  2. Speaking with others ZS owner by Facebook, we realize that all sellers at the official dealerships of the brand recommend us to use 93 octane gasoline for the ZS (with NSE1,5), but the manual say 95, also in the cover fuel cell have a sticker with the specification "95 RON" Here in Chile, have...
  3. I am classic MG fan of 35 years standing. I decided to add to the 'fleet' ('B' & 'TF') with a brand new ZS. Soon after taking delivery it was apparent that the car had an intermittent running fault which I described as being like a 'misfire'/timing problem. I returned the car to the dealer to...
  4. Hello again,, Is there any value in having the underside of my MGTF treated with some kind of protection to survive the winter? There appears to be several treatments available costing around £300 which seems a lot, unless anybody can suggest cheaper alternatives. Best wishes, Mick
  5. MG ZR / Rover 25, 200 & Streetwise
    Hi all, A friend of mine has an MG ZR who's heater hasn't been working since christmas, the fan works but it just blows out cold air. I haven't seen the car yet but he tells me the engine is in fine fettle, no HGF or over heating. He has taken it to the garage various times and they haven't...
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