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A Forum for our Israeli friends. Notice: Some threads in here may not be in English.
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A forum just for our Scottish members
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Forum for our Welsh members
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Northern Ireland

Forum for our members in the Northern Ireland
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Republic of Ireland

Forum for our Irish members
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England - East Anglia

Forum for our members in East Anglia
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England - North

Forum for our members from the North of England
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England - Midlands

Forum for our members in the Midlands
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England - London & South East

Forum for our members in London & the South East of England
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England - South

Forum for our members from the South of England
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England - South West

Forum for our members in the South West of England
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Forum for our Euro Zone members ;)
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Australia and New Zealand

Forum for our friends 'down under' :)
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This is a forum for Chinese MG owners / enthusiasts.
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A forum for our Mexican Members
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North America

Forum for members from the USA and Canada
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Anywhere Else!

If you can't see a forum for you, please use this one, say where you are from and I'll add a forum
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