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  • steviejones133 ·
    Hi Rich

    Thanks for the message. As for the TB, I've not had much issue with it for a while. I've done the odd TPS reset and it seems to rectify it. It's been okay for a bit now, touch wood. I still haven't fitted the Green Cotton panel - been busy decorating - but I am planning to do it soon along with a plug change, fuel filter and new oil. Anything else that I should look at??

    Good to hear your car is going well and you've sourced some nice bits from your scrappy. Mine has about 5 F's in of varying age. I got an IACV off one the other day only to find out that I'd got the older variety - was the same Y reg as mine, I guess mine was just that tad bit later. Still, I've cleaned it up and it'll end up on eBay no doubt. I did get a genuine BMW business class original CD head unit from one not long ago - MG logo, so I was pleased as punch when I got it installed. It was in very good condition and a fellow forum member helped me decode it for free, which was great.

    steviejones133 ·
    Thanks mate. I will. I've got my eye on one on eBay right now or am even considering a new one. Thanks very much for all of your help, it really is appreciated.
    LeRoi50 ·
    It shouldn't be necessary to set idle, the engine does this automatically with a small valve. The AICV (automatic idle control valve).
    This is on the plenum near the TB, it takes its air from the TB actually.
    I took the brass butterfly out to clean and had some trouble with idle afterwards.
    It has now settled and it is fine. If you leave it in then I'm sure idle will be good from the start. Just do the TPS reset so the engine management knows the position of the valve. There is a difference in engine management between the F and TF. So this might be why he recommends a T4 machine. I think you'll be fine without. It's fiddly but a straight forward swap.
    batoutofhull ·
    Hi Martijn,
    Rodger Parker in his mgf restoration book - talks about setting the throttle stop. How did you set the throttle stop on your TF? Engine idle will be fluctuating too much to set it. A T4 machine is advised, to help with set up. I have not got access to one of these.
    Also I read somewhere that the 52mm tb is on a 160 zr as well. I will find out this week if all goes to plan.

    Regards Rich
    LeRoi50 ·
    Hi Rich,

    You can easily swap the TPS, but you'll still have to do the reset procedure.
    Are you sure your ZR TB is 52 mm and not 56 mm?
    Not that it will hurt the car, but a 52 mm seems to be a better match.
    I bought mine second hand and tested the resistance of the TPS before fitting so I was sure mine worked.
    Let me know how you get on, curious what your experience will be.


    LeRoi50 ·

    Fitting it is do able without removing the engine cover....but fiddly.
    Especially the lower bold to the front, it also holds a bracket.

    On identifying, on the top edge at the plenum side there is a vague printing in the alloy.
    If it says TV1 it is a 48mm, if TV5 it already is a 52mm. The 115 has a 48 mm standard.

    I didn't replace the TPS, if you are sure it is okay then you don't need to change it.
    Resetting it is straight forward, key in position 2 (no dash lights on) press the throttle 5 times from top to bottom within 15 seconds and turn off the ignition and wait 30 seconds minimum.

    Performance/feel is improved. It reacts more direct and seems to have more "breath".
    All in all a improvement worth doing. Also a Pipercross panel filter in a TF135 airbox is a good investment. The 115 has a airbox with only one intake at the back. The 135 has two intakes, you then can put the front one to the side intake vent.

    Hope this helps.


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