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  • Lord Rover ·
    Alright Bazza how are you doing. I wanted to ask premission to sell some Rover 25 parts which recently scrapped.

    I've been asking lot of people if there intrested in my area and northing.

    Is it possible to post a thread calling for Rover/MG owners in the North Wales area and let them know what I got.

    Really need to make some cash ASAP.

    Many thanks
    Stuchbury TF ·
    I have just duplicated a post I wanted posting in the MG TF section not realising it needs to be approved before it is posted. Can only the 1st one be posted please!? Sorry.
    Roverload ·
    Hello, im in the unfortunate position where i must break my ZS to avoid more debt collectors, i consider myself honest and trustworthy, so my i please have permission to list my car in the classifieds section if at all possible?

    Many thanks, Ian
    VW Camper ·
    hi bazza

    after a favor?
    could you change my name on here please? don't have the car tf52 aly anymore but want to stay on here :) brought a vw camper while i'm searching for another tf so would like vw camper instead of tf52 aly

    many thanks buddy

    Pete27011 ·
    Can i have access to the 18+ section please? not now, for tomorrow,just want to see what all the fuss is about lol! im off to bed in a mo got to work early cheers bazza!
    eddiesolo ·
    Bazza...just wondered like...when you get to 5000 rep points does it stop at 5000 or does it carry on...I know you reach your position at number 1 at 5000, but although you can no longer get another tag line does the rep points carry on?

    Ta mucho for reading my drivle...just wondered that is all :)
    Bazza ·
    Oh and Herbie, don't mess with microwaves, they can kill your cat if you leave it in there too long.....allegedly :(
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