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  • ltbond66 ·
    hi,i am trying to get in touch with carl that's his user name on org.all I know he lives in Scunthorpe and is wanting the engine from our scrap tf.He is supposed to be coming sunday to collect it but its going with the car for scrap on mon and I don't want him to waste his time.tried messaging him but not getting a reply.
    Tui ·
    Thanks so much for the card Maggy! I'll pass it onto Dad when I see him, hopefully later today xx
    mikeb79 ·
    Hi Maggy. I heard yesterday that you may be organising a run to the MGTF/F Bits n whatever opening? I was thinking along the same lines from this end but limiting the numbers to 10 cars max. Having some lunch then moving on to their premises.
    Is the run on the 8th still on? Again I ask coz Andynickjenkins is coming up for the above opening (never met him) and is looking at staying over Clitheroe side if the run is on. Thanks Mike
    G0MRL ·
    Most kind! Marilyn and I have these friends in Whalley (not far from the Three Fishes); he has had a stroke, and can't get out at present, so we sometimes go for lunch, sometimes taking fish and chips or something! He tires quickly, hence our coming home mid afternoon the other day If we arrange another visitation, perhaps not long before Christmas, or soon after, I'll let you know.
    Likewise, you are most welcome here (Blackrod, near J6 M61).

    Laurie (G0MRL is my ham radio callsign, just as G7NHP is Chris's, also on the forum).
    G0MRL ·
    Sorry I got mixed up! Clayton le Moors it was. I don't know whether you or whoever it was waved - didn't get a chance to look. We were heading away from Whalley, going home via the M65. I didn't get a good look at either car. There were about four cars in between the the two TFs. I was really surprised to see the second one! We were on the open strech before that Texaco station comes up on the left, or thereabouts.

    We have friends in Whalley. Next time we'll go in the TF, so make sure you're in exactly the same place!
    MGF-Gertrude ·
    Hi Maggie !!
    Danny has been pestering me again ! (Bless him) !!
    He say's George is my car !! LOL !!
    He tells me its on the BAY-watch ! I see also.
    What is your nearest train station, cos thats prob my cheapest travel option.
    I would love that car if you are 20 miles from me !!
    If you not sold, I could maybe visit weekend after next !! dont ever mention head gasket situation ! Do you history of this ? Has it been replaced ?
    Tony !! xx
    N1&EPR ·
    Fair's fair Birks, you deserved a pat on the back for just being a human being about it at least. I hate the way the anonymity of the keyboard brings out the worst in people. No matter what, and I say this as someone who is far from PC also, it's a young life gone and a grieving family. I hope I never derive pleasure from those sets of circumstances. Take care, Billy.
    mikeb79 ·
    Maggy. Any ideas re a meeting place for 31/7. Only asking coz we may be in the North East the night before for Elaines dads birthday, I don't mind leaving early to get back to "Gods country" though... Mike
    MoonManMike ·
    Well, how spooky.....all I did was go to the MGF/TF home page and then my computer screen took me here!!
    Well, hi Maggie anyway :lol:
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