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  • wortski16 ·
    Hi CJJ,

    Hope your well mate and sorry for the direct message. But I thought you might be the best person to speak to.

    I'm planning out a k series build for my TF with a goal in mind of 300 BHP per tonne ( ambitious i know). I'm think supercharger and I've been trying to read though all your threads.

    In the end I thought it might be easier to just get in touch with you :). Hope you don't mind but would love to have a chat about your build and journey if you don't mind?

    Robertf ·
    Hi CJJ

    Hope you don't mind me PMing you. I am following your camshaft gasket change instruction on a TF. Just one question. Do you use anykind of gasket goo? or just replace dry?

    Regards and thank for your time.

    FrKevin ·
    Hey Clive, hope you are OK. I notice you have not posted since July last year. Was seeking your spax suspension advice.
    Good wishes for 2017 Kevin R (Rev)
    Dan Coupe ·
    Hi Clive

    It is Lynda, it is with great sadness that I tell you that Dave passed away last Friday after a 2yr battle with Cancer. We remember meeting you all at a Christmas party we attended at Durham. I'm trying to figure my wy round the site to let people know. Take care Lynda
    LeRoi50 ·

    I hope you don't mind me pm-ing you.
    But does the exhaust back box in this post, the second pic., look like a Daytona exhaust?

    It very much looks like the exhaust you fitted in your how-to from 2008.
    I bought the complete exhaust minus the maifold for just under 200 pounds.
    Also, is the bracket and clamp around the back box a must?
    I don't think the one I bought comes with one....

    Happy holidays!

    jjb ·
    Hiya clive....its jason from redcar. Long time no speak just bought a tf with hgf..glutting for punishment....just needed to rack ya brains as usual lol so if ya can give ne a ring on 07412781118. Thanks p.s anytime good apart from tonight. Thanks again
    ZoSo ·
    Hi CJJ, how's it going my fellow Northumbrian?

    I remember seeing on here a while ago that you had access to a T4 machine, or you were getting one?

    I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with my ECU (engine bay fan is going nuts) and was wondering if the T4 could figure it out?

    MGTF_Madness ·
    Hi mate, just wanted to drop u a message to say thanks for some of the "how to" guides you have very helpful indeed used them to help me remove the front and rear bumper to replaced all the grills as well as the radiator and fan top notch mate
    mg02kat ·
    hi clive , its steve mg02kat i was wondering if you were of work tomorrow as i am and was going to have a ride up and see you, as i have promised an never made it, but am of work tomorrow so if the weather was ok have a ride up, please let me know if your about, cheers steve
    jamsy2010 ·
    Hi clive, sorry to bother you im new to the forum, i noticed you lived in ashington and own a tf le500 i live in newcastle and im having trouble getting some parts please look at my thread mg tf le500 abs nightmare and i would be extremely grateful if you could point towards a local supplier thanks james
    ghsbloke ·
    Hi Clive,

    Did you find out what number your LE500 is? I didn't get many responses... I have an 03 Cool Blue which was also limited edition but I'm not sure how many of them they made...

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