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  • 4743hudsonj ·
    Yeh i dont want a brm rep, but my cars reaonably standard (no point in spending loads on it, its going on for 15 and showing it) and i just wanted to make it stand out a little. Just got it today so spraying it up now.

    Was a PITA to sand down as the dealers just sprayed the silver over the orange, so had 2 layers of primer, 2 of paint and 2 of lacquer to go through.
    4743hudsonj ·
    Well its one that was painted silver at the factory, but i have BRM orange paint already so gonna spray it. And yeh my car is British racing Green which it close enough to a real BRM lol
    jakehenning ·
    Nice one mate, looks like you've got a lovely car. I dont know if you saw me I was in a brg 25. I was stuck behind some lorrys.

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