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  • finyuk2005 ·
    Hi there,
    ordered an L series head gasket a week ago but its not turned up in Orkney yet,
    any idea how long it will be?
    Dorchester ·
    Looking for a rather good one not to be repainted if possible, to be sent over to France: a dream?? or a doable deal? :hysteria:
    Say, we are not so lucky here and we haven't got any Rover scrapyard... :sad3:
    Paul5088 ·
    Sent a couple of emails but no reply, missing some items from my order. Would be grateful if you got back to me ASAP.
    RichieB1983 ·
    Hi there, I was wondering if you knew the size of bolt that connects the turbo inlet pipe to the engine block on a y plate Rover25. I followed your advice and found a split pipe from the intercooler to inlet manifold. But there was no bolt on the metal pipe to the turbo, and it's worn quite a groove in itself against the engine.

    All help greatly appreciated
    cju ·
    DMGRS Are you receiving my emails? I know you have received payment for my items.

    UPDATE - Thanks Matt, all my items arrived just took a little time.
    val. h ·
    Hello. I've sent you a couple of emails in the last week or two Re the Fan Resistors, with no reply yet. Wondering if you could contact me at [email protected] to discuss this. This sites PM system seems a little less than private to me.

    Thanks Val.
    Newbie ZT ·
    Hi Mat,

    I have the motors and have refitted them as per instructions on the forum. I am slightly worried though as neither of them 'resets' after being connected and turning the ignition to number I position to engage electrics. Have tried also turning to position II but still no movement in the motors at all. Any thoughts would be helpful. I am going to post on the forum for help as well so look out for that.

    Thanks for working on them and sorry that you had problems with these ones.

    Newbie ZT ·
    Hi Matt,

    Similar to a few gents on your message board I have still not received my VIS motor repairs. I understand there was a turnaround problem but I have been without them (and a usable car) for over two weeks now. Please let me know what is happening as I am losing my sense of humour. The order was #1458 placed on 3rd November.

    mogsman ·
    Hi Matt, I've still not got my order. Could you please respond either through here or my mobile 07789552174. I am getting worried, as I have a car in pieces and it needs these parts asap.
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