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  • Super-Sid ·
    hi E_T_V
    I posted a thread about my zr wont turn over today would be so grateful for your input as your answers and views to problems seem to be the correct one plus I'm pulling my hair out over my zr not turning over.
    yargnitram ·
    hi is there any chance of giving me details of how to rewire bypassing the immobiliser on my rover 220 GTI with a 550 ecu, i am in new zealand thanks
    finyuk2005 ·
    the t4 is mechanical, but as i am using the rover gearbox i was planning to just extend or heat and bent the rover linkage to suit, i have a td zs that i am going to use the gearbox from as thats a hydraulic clutch and so is the van so thats nice and easy.
    interesting that the tf setup is cables, definitely something to bear in mind
    finyuk2005 ·
    ah right thats encouraging then, the wiring was what i was most worried about, yeh gearbox is going in too, driveshafts will be cut and rewelded to give an mg inside and vw outside splines, linkage like you say could be a challenge, i was thinking though that as long as you extend or chop down the two parts of the linkage by the same amount it should work right?
    finyuk2005 ·
    hey dude, been reading your blog on your camper again as i am planning an engine swap in my (future! its getting there!) camper, a vw t4. yep. i am putting an L series in it!
    i was just wondering if you had any words of wisdom for tackling the wiring mainly, i know it will be slightly different as i am using a later r25 engine so there may be slightly more to it than the r600 wiring, but any advice would be gratefully recieved!!
    t16tony ·
    hi there

    sorry to hi-jack, i see you replied to a messaged regarding a pg1 gearbox suitable for a 220 coupe. Did you have something available?

    kind regards
    daryl1104 ·
    Hi my zs diesel has a stutter on tick-over not actually misfiring.I have recently fitted sdi injectors out of a car that I ran before so I know they are ok ish,the car is running with egr blanked mafam set for sdi and economy mode,the cat has been gutted and a sheilded cone air filter,if I apply slight load on engine like as on hill start holding on clutch but still on idle the hesitation is not evident,when it does hesitate the rpm does not fluctuate,the car performs perfect other wise othe than a pin hole on the turbo rducer hose which is on order,what is your thoughts on this one,many thanks Allan
    Speedqueen ·
    Hello iv been told your the person that can help me
    Please I have a t series and iv got some m series rods and o series pistons how much mil has to come off the bottom block to get compression right your help is much appreciated thanks
    Beatdown ·
    your pm box is double full!

    heres the PM anyways

    cool beans, ill try my best to get it boxed up and weighed tomorrow.
    im in Luton. not very close to Scunthorpe i believe :p
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