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  • norbertom8 ·
    Hello there.

    I'm looking for the Rover 620ti repair manuals, I have a 620ti and just want to make sure I'm doing thiongs right.. DO you know how I could get hold of them?

    HDRW ·
    Hi John!
    It's about a year since you towed away my dark grey 629ti - I've been avoiding getting back in contact in case you say that it's got a new life as tin cans!
    However, when you were here you said you'd give me fifty quid for the "old" 620ti in my garden.
    Are you still interested in this (another project!)?
    I need to clear the space, so if you don't want it it will probably end up scrapped - and I hate to do that!
    Incidentally, I have (would you believe) a sunroof for the earlier 620 - with the Infra Red door-lock receiver dome (rather than the radio type that the later ones used). Can you make any use of that?

    Howard, Park Street, near St.Albans, Herts.
    MGJohn ·
    Just seen this.

    Have left three sets of Alloy Wheels at CPC in Digbeth so far this year and another two sets ten days ago which I shall collect soon.

    Delighted with their service and they now have a female receptionist on the front counter which usually means the phone does get answered by someone instead of leave a message as staff busy.

    Now had conformation wheels all done.

    I shall collect those two sets early next week.
    161racer ·

    next question!! I am changing the HG on a rover 45, I would like to do a good job of cleaning the header tank - it wasnt full of mayo just grimy in and out in general, I have it off the car, what household things can i clean it with?
    Evilmonkey1965 ·
    Hi John, long time no speak. Sadly, I've sold my MGTF now but I was wondering if these would be of any interest to you as they're still cluttering up my shed and the Mrs is giving me grief.

    Great set of winter tyres to keep you/your lad on the road once the weather turns crappy over the winter! I'll even knock a few quid off and drop them off for you if interested.

    iMann iFail ·
    Hi John,

    Apologises for the late response to your message, been locked out of my emails.

    I've just emailed you directly

    Kind regards

    iMann iFail ·
    Hi John,

    Thank you for your quick response, much appreciated.

    Sounds like you're the go to man :)

    I'm based in Chelmsford, Essex but travelling isn't an issue for me. I'll be looking to produce more than 200ps from the 1.8T engine. So I think the 14 ball bearings would be the route I'd like to take.
    I shall give you a ring during this week coming as I've only just seen your message now.
    iMann iFail ·
    Hi John,

    I read many moons ago that you fitted uprated stainless steel bearings to your gearbox?! I currently own a Mk1 160 which I've turned into my 1.8 K-Series turbo build, I'm looking to uprate the PG1 gearbox but been told that the 220 turbo gearing and LSD can fit in the bell-housing of the 160 PG1. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of the right bearings to purchase, ideally I want the bearings you used.
    Also would you consider doing the gearbox build for me obviously name your price haha, I'm just out of my depth here but would be happy to help if you would consider taking the job on.

    Looking forward to your reply

    Jay Lawrence.

    PS by I'm all/most of the Facebook groups if that easier to talk on.
    richy59driver ·
    hi john
    if you can give me some pointers to my 620 engine prob it would be great as the missus wants me to sell coz its just parked on the garden

    i dont wanna sell,i want it back on the road

    if you send me an email adress ill send u some pics,,then u will see why im still deeply in love with the old bugger

    ive never liked the colour(zircon) as my old one i had in 2004 was green and was much prettier but like a fool i sold it and it only lasted 3 days in the hands of the next owner,,it got wrapped round a transit van as he couldnt handle the power unfortunately

    ill go and take some pics in a bit,,id love to share them with you,,#

    i hope you can get my enthusiasm for the car back on track

    i remember a conversation on the fone with u a few yrs ago when i had a power steering pump off u,,seems an age ago now,,not used the car a lot since,,such a shame
    MGJohn ·
    Hi Rollcage,

    Most certainly not anytime soon.

    I'm fine but some of those on PH are not in my experience. Had a couple of messages from PHers recently. They included copies of the PMs they had received which I still have. Two from folks who have been 'suspended' for daring to have an opinion contrary to the majority of the PH sheepish-flock. I responded saying that it is their loss not yours and left it at that stressing that the best way to deal with it if I were them, was to stay away for a longer period than the suspension.

    Few weeks later there was a nasty response to one of my various opinions on the GP threads. The poster actually stated that he expected to have his 'contribution' deleted. It was not and is still there.

    Soon after, I get a PM from Gaz. over there.

    If you want to see the content, and my response, please pm me on hotmail. Lose the space between my name and surname when sending:~

    john [email protected]
    jakethegsd ·
    Hi John

    Hoping all is well with you. Your absence from PH has been noted, so I'm over here asking if you're going to be back over there anytime soon?


    Rollcage from PH
    libdom ·

    I have managed to secure a replacement top hose for £10 from a local scrapyard, so I will not require the one from yourself. Thanks very much for your help though.

    My garage fitted the new hose today for £5, so all in all this has cost me £15, and I am very pleased with that.
    jonnyh ·
    Hi im having major trouble bleeding my mg f clutch. In a thread i seen you mention you'd made a walkthrough guide? i cant find the guide anywhere! Any chance you could link me up to it? cheers!
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