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  • plezier ·
    Colin, Now I do not even know if you still use these forums as have not been on here for a very long time now. Due to the loss of Dad hitting Mum very hard and the DHSS cutting her down to std pension things got very difficult financially. So we had to sell up the house and move somewhere cheaper this meant getting rid of most of my cars. Managed to keep the 75th Anniversary MGF though might sell that this year if can get the right price for it. A Rover 75 CDT Classic SE Auto which we managed to get shipped here. Ahhh yes here! We relocated to Bulgaria and we have a house here now and a lower cost of living and better weather. Mum even got her cataract done which the NHS kept putting off. We are getting settled slowly and we are making a garden for Mum to enjoy while she can still do that. Hope this finds you well and thank you for your kind thoughts.

    Regards. Kevin.
    skellum ·
    Kevin, I am so very sorry to hear this. I am lucky to still have both parents alive and well at 80, but I can already imagine some of the horrible loss you must feel. And your dog, who should have been a comfort, lost at the same time. When I realised you weren't posting on the forum I did worry, as your cars are obviously so important to you. I hope you find the strength to come through the black days. Wishing you nothing but the very best for the future, Colin.
    plezier ·
    We have had a difficult few months. Dad was ill .................. very ill and did not make it then 2 months to the day that he died my Dog suddenly had 4 seizures/fits and died. As Dad was no longer with us my role as carer was gone I am now expected to live on £71 per week. As a result we are having to sell up and move. It is doubtful that we can find somewhere cheaper tht has room for my cars so three will have to be sold at least. Am trying to find a job but it seems that at my age and with not having been employed for the last decade is making things difficult.

    So not much happening here except trying to find a job, sell a few bits to help make ends meet and try to cut down on everything spending wise.

    Regards. Plezier (Kevin)
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