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  • sundanceuk ·
    I got ya now, just with your earlier posts regarding the 3914. Also I only know the 3914 as a dedicated display driver, but I can see your idea on adapting the temp gauge. Good idea as it will suit the car better than my programmable display.
    I think I would try to mod the oil gauge instead and fit it where the clock is and lose the clock.
    My sensor, which is I suspect, the same as yours has come.
    I will be testing it next week and getting some voltage readings for known pressures.
    Will post a chart up, but they should be very accurate, as I will use my calibrated pressure switch to monitor the process.
    Good luck with the project.

    Incony ·
    sundance i am not using leds... your not thinking straight.

    i aqm using resistors instead of leds...

    each step of the 3914, goes low... earth... i connect a resistor to each step of a known
    value... and the other ends are connected to the gauge.. so for each step the lm3914 make from 0 to 2v plus ( 0 to 15 psi from the transducer ) the gauge sees a different value,, and.. i know those values now...


    instead of position ten on on the 3914 lighting an led... it takres a 10 ohm resistor to ground.. and the meter will read high..

    that high will be about 2v or therebouts from the transducer.. or as i set it.. since i dont yet what the transucer output in volts is yet for 15 to 16 psi..


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