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  • Dickybeau ·
    I've tried again. I have changed my password but still shows as log in failed. I'm using an iPad but I'll try again tomorrow evening on my pc and see how I get on. Thanks for your help.
    Dickybeau ·

    I'm having problems signing in to t-bar. I've tried changing my password but it just tells me login failed. I've even tried a new account to no avail. Any chance you could check with admin there to see if I'm doing anything wrong or what I need to do to correct the problem. Registered as Dickybeau (possibly dickybeau) but not making any progress.

    RichStone ·
    I'm trying to get hold of you. Hope you get this...

    Huge apologies for the delay with your FRL clothing order. They were ordered and paid for just after the the event with the clothing suppliers but have still not arrived yet. Apparently they have had a problem with the hoodie suppliers in the correct colour and had to send a batch back. We have a couple of others outstanding too. I'm chasing them daily and will send them to you as soon as possible.

    Please let me know as soon as you get this message so I know it's a reliable way of contacting you.

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