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  • Midget ·
    hi Technozen, I’ve got the dreaded ‘window stuck down’ problem on my ZR. I managed to disconnect the motor and get the window virtually back up (won’t shift last centimetre) last night, but I suspect it’s the relay at fault not the motor. Do you still have any of the relays needed, or know where I can get one? If I get the right relay is it a job I could do (have soldering iron and am ok at straightforward jobs, but nothing tricky/specialist)
    pete l ·

    sorry to bother you, but I see (read) that you know how to modify the T300 cable to allow connection to the alarme ecu on our cars.

    Is it a secret ? or can you give me the wiring details ?


    ScarySteve ·
    Hi technozen, sorry to trouble you, my names steve, been having a few issues regarding scu board, hoping you can help, found your post from 04/10/10, i take my hat off to you sir, very detailed and informative.

    problems front/rear fog lights, rear fog was working, left side high beam but no side light, right side light but no high beam, horn on constantly, no illumination lights on center console and switches don't work?

    All fuses and relays checked, so after reading your post removed scu, sent it off to a company called Quality Electronic Repairs, they replaced all 5 relays and returned it, plugged it in, no different, sent it back and they replaced all 5 relays again, i know they did it because i marked all the relays! got it back again, still no different? After reading your post, would i be right in thinking it could be the driver IC like you said in your post?

    Hope all this makes sense fella, look forward to your reply, regards steve
    Titanium ·
    I'm writing from Rome Italy, I'm a retired mech engineer, thanks Patrizio
    Cooling fans operate continuously with engine running as described in TB 0065.
    TF 2002 with AC, both fans start after few minutes (5-10 min) regardless of water temperature
    Engine water sensors replaced.
    AC pack relay seems to work (switching noise from outside)
    ECU resistance between pins 19 and 22 ohms 1,26 it’s OK as per TB 0065
    AC circuit lost gas in 6 months after refilling.
    Land Service tested ECU (I hope with T4) without highlighting anomalies, returning the car with the problem.
    This car belongs to a member of our club, I’m trying to help him (the guy has fitted a manual switch).

    As reported the AC system is empty or very low pressure, may the trinary low press switch be the cause even with AC off ?
    We assume the water sensor is OK
    The relays (pack and passenger) are OK
    The ECu is OK as per TB0065
    We are branching in the dark, any suggestion ?What else ?
    Mark PB ·
    I bought an 2002 MGZR recently and want to make the passenger window "one-touch" down. I found your post from years ago but the link to your guide wouldn't find the document. Do you still have that? Also, do you know if there's a way to make them "one-touch" up.
    Somebody gave me another window controller, but it's a white one, not a black one, which i think is from the facelift cars. Is this usable?

    Thanks for your help.

    Streetwise TD ·
    Hello again

    The heater in my MK2 45 is still working exactly as it should, thanks again

    Now have another problem (I am starting to really dislike this car, in 15 years with the earlier 25/ZR etc I have had no electrical problems)

    The alarm has starting sounding. You unlock the car, start it, a minute or so later the alarm starts sounding, it can't be deactivated by using the panic alarm button In the car nor blipping the alarm to turn off, I seem to have to turn off the car and start again at which point it behaves. Is this a BCU fault or the sounder itself gone faulty?
    finyuk2005 ·
    Hi there Technozen
    I believe you are the man that can help me!
    i am repowering a boat with an 2000 year L series, and wondering if you can help me by reprogramming the 5AS so i would no longer need to rely on the fob, would that be possible?
    crestweed ·
    Hi Paul
    Can you help me open the drivers door on my 02 TF?
    Both fobs work and both door buttons on the car come up, the car starts etc but the door will not budge.
    I've pulled the door card out and can see the back of the catch and sprayed a can of WD40 down there but have decided to leave it in a dry garage for a day or two to see if it pops up.
    Meanwhile I'm trawling the forums and found your website.
    Is it possible to sort this out without an air chisel?
    I'm nearby in Burgess Hill and my 160 Trophy is in Partridge Green
    I have a 98 MGF Abingdon too which has only one fob which would be great if you could sort me out a spare.
    regards Steve
    Eegreen ·
    Hello Technoze,

    I have been given your details as the guy to go to for BCU problems on an MG TF.

    Saturday my OS window decided it didnt want to go up. We checked the cables and the fuse with no luck. I have now taken it to a garage who have checked it over and used a battery to wind the window up into place. They have also said that this is the BCU.

    I have noticed previously that the intemediary wipers do not work either and upon further research can now put this down to a faulty relay on the BCU.

    If i purchase replacements is this something that I can do myself and replace the relays? Any advice you could give would be great.

    Kind Regards

    Mindy ·
    Hi there, how you doing. I question for you. I have an LE500 and I also have two spare oval fobs that have the boot button as well as lock/unlock. Is it possible to have these fobs 'linked' to my car. I have the bar code too. I'm travelling to Sandhurst next week so not to far from you. You are in Brighton? and wondered if possible could you sort this for me. Obviously with payment. Thanks Mindy.
    nickdavies95 ·
    Hi there I am looking for wiring information For scu wiring lay out for pektron immobiliser I was told you may have the information. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks Nick
    davejenny ·
    Hello there
    My MG ZS heater only works on 3 & 4 . I've replaced the resistors with ceramics a while ago, but it seems as though one of them must've failed. I've checked the soldering and everything seems fine. Are you still selling replacement ceramic resistors?

    Dave Hill
    Sergi Bmw ·
    Hello Technozen, a few days ago I send you an email through your website, I will try to reach you here, I have a 2003 MG TF 135 with a Pektron fob, I have a brand new Pektron fob in box that the previous owner (An ex-MG Rover Garage) has given me, I don't know if it can be linked to my car or not. Let me know if you can help me.

    Best regards Sergi.
    Totally TF ·
    Hi about a year ago I sent you a Pektron box from my 04 MGTF for repair, all has been well. Until the drivers side window decided to no longer go up, comes down not up. Tested all and it must be Pektron or broken wire. If it is the pektron box is it a fix that I can do if you send me a part or is it best to send to you for testing???? cheers
    diybri ·
    can you help me plesase very desperate my 53 plate streetwise 1.4 . round key fob has decided to imoblise its self when it was not locked i returned to the car and got the warrble sound when i tried to start it , i got a eka off the net but it does not seem to work . when i go to the lock combination the alarm light goes nuts and the alarm sounds after 5 seconds .
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