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  • Flying Banana ·
    Are you after any particular photo's from POL? The Flying Banana expired on Saturday. Mike, MJS, will be coaxing her back into life soon.
    Hi matey !
    Unfortunately I will not be going on Saturday now !!!!
    Hope you have a great day !!
    Sure we will catch up sometime this year !!
    kopite5 ·
    thanks for the help m8 i need to get this car sorted bought it for £80 needes £200 4 the suspension and now it needs £80 4 the tank its a good car so hopefully get it bck up and running thanks again much apreciated
    Hiya M8!!
    I will be joining the M25 from the A21 !
    Then meeting a crowd at Thurrock before heading to South Mimms!!
    Aiming to get to Thurrock at 8pm!!!
    DMGRS ·
    I went for a brief period last year, in the ZS diesel but couldn't stay too long.

    Don't think I'm on the pictures though. :p
    Cheers mate!
    Hiya m8
    Thanks for the invite to the meet tomorrow!
    Regrettably can't make it as I am on the Cinque Ports Run
    Help for Heros!!
    Hope you guys have a great time!!
    Let me know of any other meets!!
    Would be good to meet up!!
    Happy MGing

    ukmastiff ·
    Lo m8ee, I seriously considered it but speeking plain english :p theres some nasty sods on that forum . I only mentioned enfield traffic to try and strike up a conversation because it was a shared experience and it was like a pit full of vipers. I'm thinking stick to my Volvo and other meets really. I was the local rep for a porsche club until recently and actually organised a locl car meet in Herts but I've never come accross so much nastiness in one place car wise so I'm just keeping well out it Rover wise. Though I'm new, I go on the Rover 75 forum and they seem like a really nice bunch the difference is amazing. Like you we P.M each other and just be sociable really !
    I hope you understand, I know organising car meets and getting them going is a thankless task. Trust me I really am pretty much Mr Normal but dont need hastle , its not worth it lifes too short :) Regards Mas
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