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Here are all the 'How To' guides for the ZR/25/200/SW that have been kindly made by the members of this forum. I thought that it would be handy if the guides were made easier to find so here's what you've hopefully been looking for.

Service intervals and information:

Rover 200 Service Intervals - An informative thread for Rover 200 owners.
Rover 25 / MG ZR Service Intervals (Petrol) - All service intervals and items for the Rover 25 K-Series petrol models upto 2002.
Rover 25 / MG ZR Service Intervals (Diesel) - All service intervals and items for the Rover 25 L-Series diesel models upto 2002.
Rover 25 / MG ZR Service Intervals (Petrol) 2002-on - All service intervals and items for the Rover 25 K-Seies petrol models and LPG 2002-on.
Rover 25 / MG ZR Service Intervals (Diesel) 2002-on - All service intervals and items for the Rover 25 L-Series diesel models 2002-on.

Service Items:

Air Filter (200/25/ZR) *external link* - How to replace your Air Filter.
Aux Belt Replacement on L-Series engine - For the derv engine only.
Battery (All models) *external link* - Disconnecting, Removing and Refitting
Brakes (front) - How to change the front discs and pads.
Coolant (All models) *external link* - Check coolant level and condition
Engine Oil (All K-series engines) *external link* - How to check your oil level
Fuel Filter replacement (All K-series engines) - A super vid showing how to replace your fuel filter.
Gearbox Oil Change PG1 - This guide wasn't made for the 25/200/ZR/SW but the method is still the same for all PG1 equipped models.
Gearbox Oil Change CVT - A great guide for those wishing to change their CVT gearbox oil.
Handbrake Adjusting (All models) *external link* - How to adjust your handbrake.
Rear Brake pad fitting guide - FOOLPROOF Rear Brake pad fitting guide
Pollen Filter - A guide for changing the Pollen filter.
Spark Plug change (25,ZR K-series) - How to replace your sparkplugs on a K-series engine with coil packs.
Washer Fluid (All models) *external link* - Refill/Top-up
Timing Belt Marks (simplified thread) - A great source of info for K-series timing belt markings. All K-Series engines.

K-Series Cooling System + Head Gasket information/guides:

Cooling System Leaks - This thread explains the common coolant leaks on the K-series engine.
Head Gasket Failure Diagnosis - If you think that you have HGF take a look at this thread.
Head Gasket replacement - For those that want to try their hand at a DIY HG change. This guide isn't comprehensive but it will help.
Head Gasket Replacement (VVC) - Another guide, this time using a VVC engine.
Heater Cold - Another great thread for those suffering with a cold heater....a must read.
Inlet Manifold Gasket replacement - A great guide for those that are about to change their Inlet Manifold Gasket.
PRT Thermostat Installation - A superb .pdf guide showing how to install the PRT Thermostat that's fitted to the F/TF. This is to reduce the effect of 'thermal shock'.
Water Pump - How to change a K-series water pump.
Bleeding - Correct k series coolant bleeding procedure.

Repairs/Removal + Refitting:

5AS Circuit Board Repair - Repair made to 5AS PCB for central locking.
Airbag (Driver's) (25/ZR) - Removal and Refitting of airbag. May also be the same for the Rover 200.
AntiRoll Bar Bush replacement - Handy for those that are upgrading to polybushes.
Boot Light repair - If your boot light doesn't work have a look at this simple guide.
Boot/Hatchback not closing, repair guide - A great little guide for those that are having issues with the hatch not shutting properly.
Bumper (front) (25/ZR) *external link* - Removal and refitting procedure.
Rear Bumper (All models) *external link* - Removal and Refitting
Centre Console Removal - This guide wasn't intended to be for centre console removal but it does cover the procedure.
CV boot - Removal and refitting procedure of CV boot
Door Card Removal (25/ZR) - A quick guide showing how to remove the door cards. - How to adjust door mirror for RHD and LHD cars
Exhaust Backbox (All models) *external link* - Removal and Refitting
Exhaust Manifold Heatshield (25/ZR K-series engines) *external link* - Removal and Refitting
Fog Light Repair (misted up) - If your foglight has misted up this guide is for you.
Front Wing Removal - Removal procedure for the front wing.
Gearbox/Clutch removal - Shows you how to remove your gearbox.
Gear Knob (200/25/ZR) *external link* - Removal and Refitting
Grille (Front) (25/ZR) *external link* - Removal and refitting of the upper front grille
Headlight removal and refitting (25/ZR) *extenal link* - A guide showing how to remove headlights.
Heater Controls Bulb Change - How to replace the bulbs behind the heater control knobs.
Heater Fan (resistor pack) - A handy guide for those that need to replace their heater resistor pack. This guide was intended for the 1989-1995 Rover 200/400 but the method of replacement is still the same.
Heater Temperature Control Repair - The problem : " My middle dial on my heater matrix is sticking, it will only travel from cold to about half heat and then seems to get stuck."
Indicators (25/ZR) *exernal link* - Removal and refitting of front indicators.
Petrol tank removal - Removal and refitting of petrol tank.
Rear Brakes - Rear Brake pad fitting guide.
Rear Lights (all models) *external link* - Removal and refitting of the rear light cluster. - How to replace rear washer piping - Solving problem of rear washer pipe
Rust Removal and Spraying - Very pic heavy guide showing how to remove rust from a cars bodywork and respray using 'rattle cans'.
Seat replacement guide - Shows you how to change your front and rear seats.
Side Repeaters (All models) *external link* - Removal and Refitting
Steering Wheel Radio Controls *external link* - Removal and Refitting
Sunroof Leak repair - A DIY guide for curing a leaking sunroof.
Starter Motor connection - How to access and clean a faulty connection on a starter motor.
Steering Column Height Adjuster - If your steering column height adjuster is loose here's a simple fix.
Tailgate Wiring Loom Inspection - How to inspect your tailgate wiring loom.
Tailgate Wiring Loom repair 1 - Repair made to the tailgate wiring which is a common fault on all 200/25/ZR/SW.
Tailgate Wiring Loom repair 2 - Another guide showing a different members repair.
Tailgate Wiring Loom repair 3 - One more guide showing a different members repair.
Window Mechanism replacement - A guide to replacing the front window mechanism on 25/ZR and the 200 is most probably the same too.
Wiper Motor Repair - A DIY repair for the juddering intermittent wiper setting.
Wiper Motor Replacement (Rear) - A bit of help for those that need to change their rear wiper motor.
Wiring Loom - Rover 200/25/MG ZR Tailgate Wiring Loom inspection guide


Armrest Installation - The armrest is a simple and effective mod, this guide tells you how to install the armrest.
Badge Change - How to replace your MG grill and tailgate handle badges.
Badge Removal - How to remove the badges from your MG-Rover for that 'clean euro' look.
Brake Caliper 262-282mm Upgrade - Show you how to change your calipers for the 282mm versions.
Clock Retrofit - A clever little guide here for those that are tired of broken Rover clocks. It shows how to install a different clock.
Cruise Control Installation - How to Install cruise control to an L-Series diesel.
Electric Window installation (200/25/ZR) - Handy information for those that want to install electric front windows.
Electric Window 'One Touch' mod - How to make your passengerside electric window operate with the 'one touch' facility like the driverside. - How to fit CD Changer in Rover 200/25 or MG ZR.
Fog Light Installation (25) - A brilliant guide showing how to install front fog lights on a Rover 25.
Fog Light Installation (200) - How to install front fogs to a Rover 200.
Footwell Lighting - How to install ambient footwell lighting. This mod was done on a ZR MKII but will be very similar for all other models.
Grille Meshing (25) - How to mesh the front grill of a Rover 25. This may also be useful: Grille (Front) (25/ZR) *external link*
Gear lever bushing upgrade - How to repair gear lever bush
Handbrake Handle Change - Here's how to change your handbrake handle to an aftermarket version.
Headlight De-Oranging - Show you how to remove the orange indicator filter from the headlight.
Headlight restoration - How to remove the murky appearance of plastic headlights.
How to fit illuminated rear view mirror - How to install illuminated rear view mirror - How to install heated mirror switch
MGF/TF Rearview Mirror Light installation - Useful information regarding this popular modification.
Suspension Lowering Springs - How to change the suspension springs and lower your car.
Starter Button - For those that want to install a 'push button engine start' to their car.
Starter Button Illumination - Shows how to wire up the starter button LED ring.
Stereo Steering Wheel Control with aftermarket stereo - How to retain your steering wheel controls with an aftermarket headunit.
Throttle Body Upgrade (84-103ps) - How to - Change your throttle body and convert your Rover 25 from 84ps to 103ps.
DRL's - How to - Install Automatic Headlights On When You Start The Engine - DRL
Dash Switch Conversion - How to - MG ZR/Rover 200/25 MK1 wiring to MK2 Dash Switches Conversion Guide


Earth locations on Rover 200 mk3 - Earth locations
Earth locations on Rover 25/MG ZR - Earth locations
Fuse Listings - What fuse does what?
Fuses, Relays, ECUs - Comprehensive info on fuses, relays and ECUs location

Anything else:

Alloy Wheel Refurb - How to repair and repaint your old worn alloys.
EML Disabling (L-series) - How to disable the Engine Management Light after disabling the EGR valve.
Radio Security Code instructions - The instructions for inputting the radio code for the Rover 200.
Tyre Sizes - Thread containing original fit tyre size information.
Fitting a Dash Pocket from a 25 into a 200 -Thread to change the blank Rover 200 series passenger dash cover, to the Rover 25 Dash Pocket.
143 vs 160 - What is the difference between the 143bhp and 160bhp VVC engines?

The above 'how to' guides are really useful indeed. Making a 'how to' guide can be quite time consuming (I know), especially if it's a complicated job, your effort, time and dedication to the forum is appreciated and on behalf of .org I'd like to thank the following contributors:

Bren T
Dr Dave
Popeye 89
rover mad marc
Skottimus Prime
Steven 211
Tony White

Also some of the guides have been provided by Andybuck and are available to view via his blogsite:

Thank you all :URGOD:

If you have recently made a 'how to' guide and would like it to be included in the above list please PM moderators or administrators with the link. We are in need of more general servicing guides such as: oil change, filter change, spark plugs etc.

Also just a small disclaimer....... these guides are purely for reference purposes only and you follow them at your own risk. If you are unsure about any mechanical task then please seek expert advice from a competent mechanic.

Kind Regards,
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