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Sunday 28/4/13 - 13:00pm
At The Mill House Restaurant, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7AE

Mill House Website/Menu here

Some of the cars and members at Octobers meet:

About the Meets:

The Meets starts at 13:00, and will be on the last Sunday of every month. There will hopefully be a Meet Rep who will arrive before the others to greet everyone as they arrive. By having the meet at this time we will be able to make the most of the afternoons, in both the summer and winter months.
We will aim to spend time outside talking about each others cars, looking at them and fixing them in some cases, and the usual sharing of advice and having a bit of a chin wag. We will try and take pictures of all the cars in attendance so we can post up in the Meet reports following the meeting.

These new style meets will always be held at a location with suitable facilities, where there will be ample parking, access to food, drink and toilets, as well as somewhere for us to hide if the weather becomes a bit too much. This is a family friendly meet and we will make sure that members, spouses/partners will be made to feel welcome. Again where possible we will try to have the meets at a place where the kids have somewhere to play, and there is suitable baby changing facilities.​

If you are new to these meets and you wish to attend please come and introduce yourselfs to the group, so we know you are with us. there will be many people that turn up in a Rover or MG that are not attending the meets, so please come and say hello. We dont bite!

Please promote the meet to anyone that you think would be interested. There are a lot of members in the South West area and we would love to see them at the meets.

Now for the boring bit.

The Rules:
We are setting these rules out now so that everyone knows what is expected of them when attending these meets. This is simply because we are representing not only The Bristol/Swindon Meet but also

1. No Anti-Social Behavior.
2. No Wheel Spins.
3. No Burn-outs
4. No Dangerous driving.
5. No Blasting Sound systems.
6. No Racing on the public highway.
7. Please drink responsibly.

Please note that failure to adhere to these rules could result in being banned from future meets, and being reported to the Admins on the .org

Meeting Details:

Sunday 28/4/13 at 13:00 at The Mill House Restaurant, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7AE

Link to Google Maps Here

If you would like any more info please feel free to PM either Sonic_160zr, Lukas or BennyDub for more info. We are happy to hand our mobile numbers out to meet members to keep in touch for future meets and events.


1. Sonic_160zr - Rep

Please spread the word to anyone who might want attend, feel free to link this page to other forum and you sigs if you would like to help.

Right we are back at the Mill House this month, we will aim to park in the bigger retail park car park again by the skating area as there should be more space. Please let anyone you think that would be interested in the meets know about this, the weather should be a bit better this time so hopefully we can get a few more heads there. Please let me know if you plan on eating as I may book a table if the numbers are big

The Bristol Meet Team

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Sorry guys, mine & the GF's anniversary this sunday and we're going down to Torquay tomorrow evening for a long weekend, so won't be there again :err:

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Afraid I am on a weekend break down perinporth, Cornwall so I can't make it. A number of mods done to the cdti tourer but still wheels to find with no money. There was 4 practically new tires on there when bought and begrudge wasting them now.

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As a new memeber, I shall try and pop down. Might be busy, so don't hold your hopes up ;)

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See you all later. Suggest that if the pub parking is full, as it usually is, we meet in the retail park (near the skate board ramps); If you turn right out of pub car park you'll get there. I may be a bit late as I've a meeting elsewhere in Bristol this a.m. And I'll be in the rover as I'm test running it after doing some work on the cooling system.

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it was good to meet you all this afternoon - bonus of a free drink went down very well.

I have a few photographs from today's meet, don't know how to upload them to this forum, or to add a photograph to my signature/profile.

Anybody wants them, message me with your e-mail details and I'll reply with an attachment.


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Sorry for the last minute bail chaps, weekend was pretty hectic and money is fairly tight at the moment.

Will definitely make it to the next one (hell it might even be possible in the Streetwise!).

Dan I haven't forgotten about the RAVE disc, will bring the £3 next time :broon:
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