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As soon as that No. 7 ball was pulled out of the bowl, Plato knew the score. Even I knew the score. He drove the first few laps with the slim possibility of winning the Championship in mind but then, when it was obvious the 45 kilos penalty would never allow that in the conditions from his grid slot, he steadily dropped back in a most un-Plato like style. Then apparently the car recovered a bit of its former race pace... all very strange.

I enjoyed the racing despite the atrocious conditions. Apart from a few apparently genuine 'racing incidents', all the drivers mainly drove very cleanly with no obvious "PIT" moves as is so often the case in previous rounds this season.

The way I read all that, Plato made a certainty for the eventual winner. If he did, good for him I say.

All's fair in love and wossname .. :rofl:
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