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Hmm I feel I need to write a review for potential buyers of this game as you may be a little bit disapointed if you don't read up about the game before you buy it.

I have had the whole series on the Wii, fifa 8 fifa 9. I have to say the series did get better from 8 to 9 in respect of extras like management mode, it seemed a little bit more serious & an added arcade mode for smash style football ( which is comical ).

So my expectations for Fifa 10 were, improved graphics ( little bit more realistic ) controls were fine so I was happy for them to stay the same... extras in management mode like getting a bit more serious ie players have emotions & perform worse if not having scored in a while ( for example ).

What I got when I started the game today was firstly I noticed NO REAL MUSIC, I always enjoyed the fact it had the top pop songs of the year on the other games, this year we have the commentators voice overs..... ok for a while but starts to irritate. Next I notice I don't even get a settings option. On last years one you get to choose your favourite team & change the settings perminantly ( ie so everytime you start a game you dont have to set it up ).

I started on regular game & initial impressions were graphics: definately gone down hill, Shawcross has black hair in this game ???? ( he's blonde & shaven headed in real life, how different can you get ) Also kind of annoyed me that Kitson is not ginger either lol.... although Fifa have always had a problem with only having 3 hair colours ( blonde black & brown ) Anyway, so I didn't buy the Wii for graphics but I know it's capable of beating the Gamecube graphics & these are not as good as the gamecubes.

Controls: well controls were actually quite good, they had actually added a chip button now instead of the game guessing if you wanted to chip ( in last years ) Chip pass is very good but lob is a lot harder to do this year, perhaps a good thing though as last year I could lob the keeper from a mile a way. Whenever you take a shot as well the game goes into slowmotion, I presume to allow your defenders to attack plus it looks & sounds cool. The build up play is similar to last year & actually explains that the goalkeeper can not catch the ball if you have full attack, so you know to get a runner in for the follow up.

Freekicks: Definately down hill, you don't even choose where to aim you only choose pass or shoot, then it's a case of wait until the player runs at the ball & swing the ball at the right time. On the otherhand though the defending side does have to react & shack the remote as soon as a target appears on the screen. ( the better the shot the shorter the time the target stays on the screen ) This is the same as Mario smash football....

Corners: same as freekicks, which DOES work well.

General movement around the pitch is not as easy as last year, it feels more like ISS on the N64 ( kinda lungey) which I suppose is more realistic as the ball isn't glued to your feet. Probably a plus but it's just hard to adjust after so many years of being able to run down the pitch & turn on a penny without losing the ball.

Now for the most important part

MANAGEMENT MODE: Has it changed from last year, yes. Is it better, no. There are less options that last year, you don't even have club finances anymore. The players don't even seem to get tired so you don't need a full squad. I sold half my squad & didn't buy anyone & I'm playing without a problem. ( this isn't management this is just stupid ) At the beginning of the match you get a target from the media for example. Score 3 goals & you get + 3 points on you rating. Concede No fouls: get +4 points. Keep a clean sheet +1 point. You choose one & try & achieve it, if you achieve a few ( ie build up your points ) you will get Bonus cards, these give you special abilities ie FULL shooting for the match or faster players. It's basically like pokemon cards on football.

Difficulty settings : well I'm in about 12 games or so & on the hardest setting with Stoke ( apparently we are one of the worst teams in the league , which I don't agree with ) I'm 18th at the moment, won 3 drawn 3 lost 6 so probably not as hard as it should be as I think a newbie such as myself should be getting killed on the hardest setting. The annoying thing is my wins have all been against hard teams, I beat Arsenal , Liverpool & Chelsea.... which doesn't make sense where as I lost against the likes of Hull& wolves....

The final thing that irritates the hell out of me: TIME , I always have my time limit on about 3 + minutes a half, management mode does not allow you to change the time, it's stuck at 2 minutes , it's way too short & it doesn't give you enough time to fight back if you concede. I've read on the Fifa site ( forums ) that this is probably because of the Goals ( ie score 3 goals or keep a clean sheet ) they apparently couldn't be bothered to add a section so the goals would change for the time limit given..... VERY VERY POOOR.

Overall it's an average game, amazing on multiplayer versus your buddy.... but on your tod it's very limited.

I'd rate it at about 70% ... it's a Mario smash football wanna be , it's blatantly stolen ideas from it & removed the better aspects of the fifa Genre. Next year I will definately be buying PES or Fifa on the XBOX as Wii games are treated as a joke, we are treated like kids. I have an Xbox360 but I chose to buy fifa for the wii because last years was so fun ( with the movement & motion ). I definately think I will only buy Nintendo games from now on on the wii, the rest do appear to be junk.
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