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I have joined as I have a 1.8 K series VVC engine and MGF gearbox with the fond wish (pipedream?) of using it in a vehicle of my own design and construction. I settled on the K series as I have come to think of it as an exceptional, if flawed, engine - like so much we Brits have done.

I would particularly like to know how easy (or hard!) it will be to use a second hand MEMS controller as it is a bare engine, ie no electronics, or whether there is an affordable, preferably DIY, alternative. Other than stripping and rebuilding the engine with strengthened oil rail, steel head gasket (if appropriate) and perhaps cleaning up the inlet/exhaust tracts with a little gentle de shrouding and recutting of valve seats (and possibly a block or head skim if necessary to recover any lost compression) I will keep the engine as standard.

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