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January 2017 Photo Competition

Hello and welcome to January 2017 photo competition which is now open.

Theme for this month is New Year.

You may have up to 3 entries, taken at any time.

Images can be manipulated/enhanced if you wish, or natural with no editing - its up to you.

If you would like to propose some changes, please be free to do so. It is up to you if and how long we will keep this competition going.

Rules are the same as last month:

1) The photo must be your own work. If a photo is found to be the work of someone else your entry will be disqualified.
2) The photo may be of any subject which includes the theme provided it does not depict or encourage any illegal activity. It should also be work safe.
3) Entries made after the closing date may not be counted.
4) Entries are limited to two per person.

5) You can put photo taken at any time, so no restrictions for this month as well.

6) Where possible a description of the location/timing/purpose of the photo should be included.
7) Voting will be done by means of a poll. Voting opens on the 1st February (or there abouts) and will run for a month.
8) You can change your entries during the month if you wish by editing previous entries and changing the picture. Only those pictures showing at the closing period will count.
9) Pictures can be taken on any device able to record them eg mobile phone, bridge camera, Ipad or DSLR
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