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Welcome to the 'bubble' section that encompasses the Mk3 Rover 200, Rover 25, Rover Streetwise and MG ZR.

There are a few common questions that come up often on these vehicles, this thread aims to cover most of them in one sitting, its an organic thread and things will be added as they become apparent.

If you dont see what you are after here, then please feel free to use the search function:

Why is my SRS/Airbag light on?

Probably the most common question we get, a search will bring up thousands of threads about this, the most common cause of this is the pretensioner wiring under the front seats, these can get pushed and pulled and gradually come apart. Pull the connectors apart (after disconnecting the battery and leaving it for 10-15 minutes), spray with WD40 and reattach, this usually does the trick. Some people go to the lengths of soldering the connections together, that's your call. If the problem persists, use the search function above and look for information on the "rotary coupler".

How do I know what BHP my 1.4 Rover 25 is? Can I derestrict it?

Follow this link and all your questions will be answered.

I'm looking to modify my 200/25/ZR, where do I start?

One of our members kindly put together a beginners guide to the basic mods available for your car, have a look at it here, a good list of links to useful parts places can be found here and more recently a lowering guide has been created here.

My heater has packed up on the lower speeds, how do I fix this?

Another common fault, here is your answer.

My windscreen wiper is sticking/not working on the intermittent speed.

Follow this link for your answer.

My rear washer jet isn't working, where do I start?

This is also a common problem, here is a link to one of many threads about it.

How do I find out my colour code?

On the passenger side B pillar (where the door shuts) there will be a plate with a 3 letter code on it, type this code into the search engine at the top, or follow this link and it should be there in list and weblink form

What size are my speakers?

17cm (6.5") at the front and 13cm at the back, and don't prize the speaker cover off to remove the front speakers, they aren't designed to be removed from the doorcard and they wont go back on properly! Remove the doorcard completely to get at the speaker.

Is there a guide on changing the seats?

Yes, its here.

I'm not a big fan of the biting point on my clutch pedal, can this be changed?

Have a look here

I've seen a mod-chip/resistor/power valve on ebay that claims to give me 20bhp, can this be true?!

Nope! Have a look here to find out why.

For more How-To's have a look at the dedicated How Do I? section and of course, the trusty search function.

I'll add more to this as required, if there is something you think should be on here and it isn't please PM me or post in this thread and I'll look into it :)

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