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Hello all,
As you can see I go under the moniker Deepfat on here a nickname I acquired whilst working for Royal Mail (my surname is Fryer) I also answer to Deep or Peter but never "your round".
Been a bit of a car nut since my teens long long ago, did 2 years training as a mechanic in my youth which means I know nothing about ABS, SRS, ECU's or anything else that has an acronym, brake servo's and electric window washers were the latest thing in my day.
Currently looking for an MG TF, WHY I'm 67 this year and well overdue a mid life crisis, I think I want a 135 but could be persuaded by a reasonably priced 160 in good nick.
Every car I'm interested in seems to be a minimum of 150m away which in normal times would not be too sad, sort out a circular route to see some on the way stay in a BB and see some on the way back, instead it will be a sleeping bag in the back of a C3.
Yes I currently drive a Citroen C3 please don't bar me, talking of which I changed the dipped beam bulb today which eventually involved taking the front bumper off to remove the headlight unit, not a happy chappie.
Any comments, advice on my choice welcome, can I use the TF as a daily driver or should I keep the C3 as well, problem is I'm on my own retired and only do 2/3k a year so 2 cars seems a waste.
Thanks for reading and hope to update you all soon on a purchase.
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