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I have a problem with my Rover 45, a 2001 1.4 hatchback, 63000 miles.
I have seen similar posts but couldn't quite see the answer to my problem, so I thought I would make this post to see if there were any new ideas or suggestions.
The engine will not stabilise at any rpm between 1000 and 2000 when stationary. This means just touching the throttle sends the rpm straight to 2000 from idle which makes slow driving in traffic jams very jerky.
I have changed the inlet manifold gasket, checked for inlet air leaks, cleaned the throttle body butterfly valve, fitted a new throttle position sensor and a new idle air control valve and adjusted the throttle cable.
I found that if I warmed up the engine and then disconnected the idle air control valve connector the problem went away, the throttle became smooth and progressive and I was able to hold any rpm statically and drive slowly smoothly. That's why I changed the IACV but it made no difference.
Any suggestions gratefully received.
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