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while the asking price may not be reached its prob well worth it with the list of parts its had fitted

with tomcats, the history is king, as taking on a new one can be risky/tricky business, this one was taken on at around `HGF time' & that brings on high costs (but in fairness if repaired well the cost will soon be forgotten!), I have seen tomcats (being in the motor trade) repaired for HGF & as a result they develop knock on problems if the repairer has not got the necessary experience needed to solve this problem....!! thankfully our TC was taken on at only a few years old, so we know 12 years of its history (so not much came before & even that was documented & carried out by a local `Rover main dealer'.....)

it seems this TC has had a long list of added part changes too (for various reasons.....), of which the costs will never fully be recovered, of course,

NB it now has one offer, so looking good for the seller!!
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