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I've seen many threads on alarm resetting problems/faults,

`but one thing I have noticed' is having to disconnect our `tomcat/coupe's' battery in its periods of been stood up to save on discharge, that the order of how you reset the alarm is the main thing, on reconnecting the battery (the same if the battery is flat also!)

I find as a result that its best to get the alarm fob to be talking working to the cars master alarm unit, before entering the car to attempt to restart it! also if you can't get this to happen this highlights the other faults being the case, it does take a few seconds to react when the alarm system has been powered off (this goes for both batteries been flat/the cars & the alarm fobs too)

NB obviously change the remote key fobs batteries regularly, for easy use of the alarm setting/disarming... is a good thing to do..!!
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