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I wanted to tidy up threads in this section which were all scattered around in order for members to have all useful information on one place.

If you find any useful thread that should be mentioned here, please give me a note. - How to open, clean and repair windows switch pack - How to fit door warning lamps in Rover 600 doors - Can you and how to use Rover 800 17" alloys on Rover 600 - How to install Vitesse Recaro seats into Rover 600

Poor handbrake effort:
How to adjust cable Handbrake Help Pls - Forums
Rear pads, cable Rover 620i rear discs pads and Handbrake - Forums
Dirty caliper, thin pads 620Ti handbrake - Forums

Clutch bleeding:
Bleeding Ti clutch can't bleed my clutch - Forums

Rover 600 fuse listings

Rover 600 Service Intervals

Rover 600 OEM Tyre Sizes

Rover 600 'OEM' Fuel Consumption

Rover 600 OEM Fluid Capacities

Quick Fogs Guide

How to: Rover 600 - warm engine starting problems

Some useful threads on (it's free to join):

600 series (any engine) - How to access/repair driver's (front) window mech: ? Login

T16 specific-How to change rad on a Ti: ? Login

How to change water pump on a Ti (this one's a sticky on RT): ? Login

How to fit door warning lamps in Rover 600 doors:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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