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Hi guys,
I've been a proud owner of a 2000 Rover 75 2.0l for two months now and wanted to share a little but about the modifications I've done to the sound system and possible encourage others.

Part 1.
I took apart the Harmony unit and disassembled the casette tape mechanics (I don't have any cassettes and have no use for a casette player). With all the space left inside the Harmony I mounted one of these inside: Yatour M6. The BMW1 version works perfectly in the Rover. The player's USB, SD and aux inputs are available through the casette tape slot. The steering wheel controls work perfectly. The only problem I have left is that I can not have more then 6 virtual CDs. Actually I can, but I can't change them via the radio's buttons.

The second part is related to the Harmany's poor output power and low quality speakers in the car.

Part 2.
This part took the longest.... I installed 4 extra wires in the each of the front doors and 2 extra wires in each of the rear doors. It took me 1 week of research and experimentation to figure out how to disconnect the car/door harnesses connector for the front doors! :)
Then I replaced the bass speakers in the front doors with Panasonic speakers from a 6.5" component speakers kit, the tweeters from the kit I installed as rear tweeters. The reason I used Panasonic was because they were quite cheap and the only speakers that fit the install depth available.
I also fit a pair of 4" midrange speakers in the mounting brackets of the front doors. Since the depth available in the brackets is quite shallow I had to cut out the bottom of the mounting cups. The speakers are used were a pair of 2ohm car speakers I had available.
The back bass speakers I replaced with a pair of bulgarian paper dome bass speakers.
So, now I had:
Front: 6.5" 2 ohm 50" bass, 4" 2ohm 50w mid, 1" stock tweeter
Rear: 6.8" 2 ohm 80w bass, 1" 50w tweeter.

And now the best part.... I got a second hand BMW 10 channel amplifier and wired it the radio harness and door speakers. I spent few days planning where to mount the amplifier... Unfortunately the only space that was available was directly to the firebox cover. This way it's not directly visible from within the car, you have to duck to see it's there. Finaly, to eliminate some engine noise that was bugging me I installed a 110000 uF capacitor between the amplifier and the radio power lines.

I used an Alpine 10ch BMW amplifier. It has an active crossover and 5 separate amplifier chips, bass speakers get 15w of power, all others 10w.

How is the final result? Impressive! I'm not interested in loud, but the sound definition is much better now.

What's next...
Part 3: I just got a replacement for the amp. The new one is "HIGH" BMW model 45w for base channels and 35w for all others. This one is a straight replacement (unplug 2 plugs and unscrew 3 bolts). :)

Part 4: I'll redo the door interior cover, I'm planning to construct a fiberglass enclosure for the bass speakers in the doors to eliminate vibration.

If anyone is interested I can post some more pictures! :)


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