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My Rover 75 CDT 02 115k fails to start when warm. If I switch off and restart she will fire but if I leave her for longer than 1 minute that's it I am stranded for 3 hours waiting for it to cool down.
I have changed the cam sensor (£52) from Rover Dealer but still the same, in fact worse because now she wont start even after a stall. When cranking, which seems lively enough, the rev counter shows 200rpm which rules out the
crankshaft sensor. omegle The tank is 3/4 full and I can hear the fuel pump next to battery running and pump under back seat also runs.
The only other sensors which are temp. related are the coolant sensor and maf but the car runs normally.Yesterday I waited 2 hours but engine was still warm and I flattened the battery trying to start so I connected a reserve battery with jump leads and it started .Car always starts after a 3 hour wait but not less.I have only owned the car for 2 weeks(bought on ebay)with partial service history and 1 previous owner(leasing company).Seller suggested using injector cleaner in the fuel but made no difference.Have also tried the other key.
She's too heavy for me to push - please help
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