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Hi, some years ago, the turbo on my Rover 820 Vitesse stopped working with a resultant loss in power, though still driveable. One day, I unfortunately reversed into my gatepost and amazingly the turbo started working again , only to fail once more a few months down the line.
I have never had much of a chance to look at this , but I am retired now and first thing I did was take the two big rubber ''air''hoses off the top and side of the turbo unit. The one from the intercooler that goes in the top, didn't show anything of interest, but the one on the side from the air filter intake showed the vanes of the turbo compressor inside , when viewed with a mirror. Out of interest I tried to manually turn the vanes and they were stuck solid in both directions and would not spin at all.

Does this mean that the turbo is seized solid , perhaps due to oil starvation or age, or could it be that a foreign body has entered the turbo and got jammed in the vanes. Or do the turbo vanes not spin at all when car stationary, even with a manual push ?The car has never run low on oil and has had very frequent oil changes. However, the exhaust manifold studs are a bit shot and some years ago I put some exhaust repair gum on the area where there was a small leak and I worry some of this at some point got inside and jammed the unit ,as a piece of hard crud.

All the bolts for the turbo look well corroded , so would be a real pig to get the turbo off. Anything you can suggest to investigate further or resolve in situ would be welcome or just general comments for info on members who may have encountered this fault before. With the turbo working , this car really moves, without the turbo it is quite slow but as I say, still driveable with no misfires or hic-cups at all.


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