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*****Remember to Put Geordie-_-Gunner As Your Referer, You get brownie points and so do I*****

Hello, I'm Geordie-_-Gunner (Andrew-D). I'm one of the Staff of True Talent Gaming. True Talent has been an active clan for over a year now, and we have a reasonably large dedicated member base (currently around 100 members).

After a brief period where we closed our doors to new applicants, I am pleased to announce that True Talent [T2] is now recruiting again. We are looking for members on PC/PS3/Xbox360, from the US, Canada and Europe.

We have teams for 360, PS3, and PC based in Europe and America.

We play various games, including the Call of Duty and Battlefield Franchises on all platforms, and we're always open to new games.

Head on over to:
True Talent

Register on the forums and submit a application.
You will get a week as a "Pending Recruit" where we ask you be active in game, on forums, and get to know people on the platform you play on. That way you will be already set up and ready to play with the clan as soon as your 1 week is up.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the clan, either here or over at our forums.

See you on the battlefield!
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