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Rover 400 bubble - upper top control arm - Anyone had problems with these
Seems that most aftermarket ones are made wrong, on each arm they have a captured bush one side ..and a loose swivelling one on the other ...they should be captured on both
The way they are supposed to work is that the rubber is supposed to twist ...not the bolt in the bush
so one side of them works like it should the other does not ........wear happens quickly and you end up with a knocking suspension. in less than 5000 miles

I'm on my second set now in 3 years ........different brand same problem

all most probably coming from the same Chinese factory!

and soon will be on the 3rd set

I'm afraid to buy genuine rover ones as they now may source from the same factory.

your experiences please.

I posted about this a couple of years ago ..and no one addressed by problem

all the best..markUpper Top Control ArmUpper Top Control Arm
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